Honda RS 125

Moto Academy now has one Honda RS125 Grand Prix motorcycle. The bike is a 2000 model bike with many 'go fast' or 'hop up' parts. The Honda RS125 is the first choice for grand Prix racers around the world and is the bike that most top level international racers, outside of Italy who tend to use Aprilia machines, have honed their art.

The Honda RS125 is a purpose built racing machine, not a modified road bike, produces approximately 45 horsepower from a single cylinder 125cc two-stroke engine and weighs approximately 70 kg. This machine is capable of a top speed of around 200 km/h.

The Honda RS125 is a robust yet simple machine that takes a moderate amount of effort to assemble and maintain. Performance benefits are shown in very careful assembly, regular checks and maintenance and regular replacement of consumable parts. Our aim is to provide bikes that run for a long time, not fast bikes for a short time. Tracktime is the key to learning this art.

The RS125 is straight forward to ride but rewards the rider who takes the time to learn the right methods of extracting maximum peformance, such as; moving around on the bike as little as possible and maintaining corner speed.

Our 2000 model A-kit 45 hp Honda RS125

The Moto Academy NZ RS125 motorcycles have standard engines running on leaded 100+ octane 'Av-Gas' that are tuned for moderate power, longevity and safe, trouble free running so that the students/riders can spend as much time as possible, just riding. We don't want to have bikes failing due to excessive tuning. Each bike has a spares set of wheels with rain tyres mounted, we have a range of replacement cylinders, cylinder heads, exhaust pipes and other parts, along with a spare engine should it be needed.

The Moto Academy NZ RS125s have Movistar Honda 2004 fairings which offer superior aerodynamics for a wider range of riders than the standard HRC fairings. We also think that they look much nicer and no one else in New Zealand uses these fairings thereby making our bikes stand out just that much more.