Honda RS 125

Moto Academy NZ launched using the Honda RS125 Grand Prix racing motorcycle. The final RS125 we had was an excellent example of a 2000 model bike with many 'go fast' or 'hop up' parts. The Honda RS125 was the first choice for grand Prix racers around the world and is the bike that most top level international racers, used to hone their craft.

The Honda RS125 was a purpose built racing machine, not a modified road bike, produces approximately 45 horsepower from a single cylinder 125cc two-stroke engine and weighs approximately 70 kg. This machine was capable of a top speeds of around 210 km/h.

The RS125 was rendered obsolete internationally in 2009 and replaced with Moto3 machines. Moto Academy NZ, sadly, divested of all our Honda RS125's in 2013.


Our 2000 model A-kit 45 hp Honda RS125, Jan 2011


IMD iM250

In 2009, Honda and Yamaha (TZ125) ceased production of their two-stroke racing machines, with Honda focussing instead on the new four-stroke Moto3 class of machine. Yamaha ceased production completely.

The four-stroke Moto3 class was introduced into Grand Prix racing in 2012.

Moto Academy NZ made the decision to build our own Pre-Moto3 racing motorcycle to replace the RS125 GP bikes. This produced the Innovative Moto Developments IMD iM250.

The latest version of the prototype motorcycle uses the 2013 KTM SXF250 engine making approx 48hp, the GPR steel chassis, Honda NSF250 swingarm, forks and wheels, KTM Moto3 fairings and IMD cycle parts. The bike weighs in at approx 80kg and the summer of 2021 we clicked over 200 km/h for the first time.


IMD iM250

Our 2021 model IMD iM250 Mk 6.0 prototype, approx 48hp, Feb 2021