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Moto Academy NZ now has a new focus aimed at providing a new generation of GP-style racing motorcycle for young racers.

We have invested time and effort to developing the new iM250 Pre-Moto3 or Pre-3 race bike.

The project launched in Sept 2012.

We raced in NZSBK for the first time in March 2013 for Glen Skachill.

We raced in Victoria Motorcycle Club champs 2013 and NZSBK 2014 with Marc-Antoine Jacquet.

We raced NZSBK 2015 with Tayla Relph as part of Biggles Racing Team.

We will race NZSBK 2016 with Dave Manuell.

We have now developed the second prototype of the racebike, the iM250 Mk 2.0.

If you are a young rider thinking about getting into motorcycle road-racing, or the parents of a young rider, then we now offer a route into racing via the Biggles Racing Team where you can start with us on your own  250 Production bike, progress onto the IMD iM250 and then perhaps onto one of our 450cc triple Formula 3 or 600cc Supersport machines.

The Biggles Racing Team in conjunction with Moto Academey NZ provides a complete racing infrastructure and progression pathway.


Biggles Team 2015

Biggles Racing team/Moto Academy NZ 2015


If you are a young (15-22 yrs) motorcycle rider or racer and are interested in track riding or racing then Moto Academy NZ/Biggles Racing Team might be just right for you.

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Tayla Relph Jan 2015

Tayla Relph, IMD250, Levels Raceway, NZSBK 2015


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