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If you are a young or novice aspiring motorcycle road racer, Moto Academy NZ should be your first choice for coaching and training.

Our track record of educating and training young racers to the highest levels is among the best in New Zealand. Our point of difference is we focus on the youth and introductory level of instruction, rather than the older, advanced levels.

Using our proven system we have coached several riders who have been or are at the top of the sport in New Zealand, a former Red Bull Rookie and World Championship Moto3 racer Mr Hafiq Azmi from Malaysia and most recently, New Zealands leading young racer and first Red Bull Rookies Cup rider, Cormac Buchanan.

Under the tutelage and with the assistance of Moto Academy NZ, Cormac has gone from a successful Junior Speedway rider to three time NZSBK (150SS and 300SS) champion, Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup,  European Talent Cup and now Junior World Championship Moto3 rider.


Hafiq Azmi Rookies Cup

Hafiq Azmi, Malaysia. Moto Academy NZ rider and Red Bull Rookie, 2011, 2012.

Cormac Buchanan Red Bull Rookie

Cormac Buchanan. Moto Academy NZ, Red Bull Rookies Cup, FIM Junior World Championships.

Cormac Buchanan. Moto Academy NZ rider, 2018-2021.


The Moto Academy NZ system works with riders on introductory motorcycles such as the:

  • Kayo MiniGP150,
  • Yamaha R15
  • Yamaha R3
  • KTM RC390
  • IMD iM250

to develop young rider skills in a stepwise manner.

If you are a young (10-16 yrs) motorcycle rider who dreams of racing in MotoGP or World Superbike then make Moto Academy NZ your first choice for coaching to help you on your way.

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Keiran Mair, NZSBK 300SS, 2023

Keiran Mair, NZSBK 300SS, Manfeild Circuit, Dec 2022.


We offer a range of coaching packages that can be tailored to your level, goals and resources.

One-day assessments and initial contact: $195 per day. Plus contribution to travel and accommodation costs.

Weekend or two day training camp: $500 per rider.

Multiple day coaching programme: $195 per rider, per day.

Season-long full coaching and training programme: $5500 per rider.



All prices given are GST exclusive.

Travel costs may be payable.

Track hire/race entry costs may be payable.

Motorcycle running costs will be payable should riders be riding the Moto Academy NZ IMD iM250.

Riders can supply their own motorcycles where they are the Kayo MiniGP 150, Suzuki Gixxer 150, Yamaha R15, Honda CBR150, Suzuki FXR150 or 300SS machine for larger riders.


Keiran Mair, NZSBK 300SS, 2023

Keiran Mair, NZSBK 300SS, Moto Academy NZ rider 2022/23.

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