Coaching system


The coaching system utilised by Moto Academy NZ starts with the basics.

We focus on ensuring that young riders have the motorcycle handling and racing skills required to go motorcycle road racing.

We do not subscribe to the 'just ride around the track and you will pick it up' school of training.

Our system utilises trackside observation and discussion along with discussion and 'classes' in the pits and at home.

We attempt to include the riders parents and family in their journey as much as is possible. We attempt to create a collegial atmosphere where no questions are bad questions and riders, and their families, feel safe and encouraged.


We ensure that riders understand and can execute skills such as:

Planning and preparation

Racing tuck and body position



Body weight control

Situational awareness

Gear shifting

Lines, reference points, braking markers

and many others.

Riders in our system do not just ride around and around the track. Riders spend hours practicing certain skill sets over and over.

Only by practicing these skill sets will they become cemented and second nature, allowing the rider to progress through to racing, rapidly, safely and skillfully.


Cormac training on the Kaya MiniGP150

Cormac Buchanan and his Kayo MiniGP150 at Invercargill Kart track, 2019


Moto Academy NZ has direct links to the Oceania Junior Cup in Australia which is the only official 'Road to MotoGP' series in Oceania. We believe that the OJC is the best racing series in NZ and Australia in which young riders can develop their racing skills, rapidly. The large fields and identical bikes lead to very close quarters racing and rapid skills development. OJC is very similar in many respects to Red Bull Rookies Cup.

Moto Academy NZ was the first organisation internationally to establish an agreement with Red Bull Rookies Cup wherein we are able to select a rider to go directly to Rookies Cup selection event. This agreement remains in place, so Moto Academy NZ riders have a direct route into the first steps of getting into Red Bull Rookies Cup, probably the only realistic route for a Kiwi rider into the MotoGP world championships.


Cormac #28 in the pack at OJC 2019

Cormac #28, in the pack at Oceania Junior Cup, 2019, Philip Island, Australia

Racing tuck body position

The racing tuck body position, on the IMD iM250 Moto3 machine, Teretonga Raceway, Feb 2021


The 'leg dangle'

The 'Leg Dangle' cornering control technique


IMD iM250

Knee and elbow down technique