Moto Academy NZ Student Riders 2009

Moto Academy NZ launched into our second season of rider education at Taupo on April 4. We attended a Kiwitrackdays day in gorgeous weather, at a very crowed Taupo circuit venue. Trackdays are obviously alive and well at the moment.

This first day was intended to be a gentle introduction to all of the riders and assistants, as we had yet to have met one another and we all have many new things to learn. For 2009, all of the riders will be taking a much greater role in the management of their machines and their garage area, so therefore need to know a lot more about the bikes than was the case last year. 2009 will also see the introduction of a group of three race mechanics from the WelTec motorcycle engineering course from Wellington. So along with the motorcycle race students, Moto Academy NZ will also be providing a basic education into the world of being a motorcycle race mechanic.


Our student riders for 2009 are a mixed, energetic and enthusiastic bunch. We have one returning from 2008 and three fresh students who are all amping to learn what they can about motorcycle road racing and GP125 racing in particular. All of the students have some experience of motorcycle riders both on and off-road, but only one has any experience of motorcycle racing.

We launched the day by setting up the garage as we will use it during a racing meeting and then made some introductions of one another. We introduced the riders and mechanics to the motorcycles and handed out the riders racing gear. During the day we started demonstrating various of the mechanical processes we will need to perform during racing such as getting the bikes started, fitting of tyrewarmers and changing wheels for wet weather. We will of course have to reinforce these lessons and teach many more, but all the riders and mechanics seemed to enjoy getting to know the bikes and getting their hands dirty fiddling with them.