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Oct 26-27 Moto Academy NZ riders take 4 championships, one lap record, and two other trophies

At the final round of the 2012 Bridgestone VMCC Winter series at Taupo Circuit, Moto Academy NZ wrapped up another highly successful season of coaching and racing. Aaron Hassan took out both the MotoGP125 and 250 Production titles, collecting the 250 Production lap record for Track 2; Rogan Chandler took out the Streetstock 150 title; Sarah Eliott took out the Minilite 250 title (again); while Turiana Banks and David Neal won Most Improved and Best Rookies trophies for the season. David also came in a very close 2nd in the Streetstock 150 class.

So Aaron becomes the youngest rider in NZ to win a 125GP race and to win a 125GP club title and holds two lap records. In the meantime Moto Academy NZ coaching programme goes from strength to strength once again demonstrating the value of coaching for young and novice racers.

2012 MotoGP125 Top 4

From left: 3rd Tyler Lincoln, 4th Joel Dijkstra, 2nd Matt Hayward, 1st Aaron Hassan

Sept 28-30 Aaron Hassan sets 250 Production lap record at Manfeild Park and leads VMCC 125GP championship

On a glorious early summer weekend at Manfield Park Sept 28-30 Aaron Hassan had a mostly positive and successful weekend, with a couple of small gremlins. An overcast but warm Friday testing saw us make some changes to the bike which produced more power and better ridability for Aaron. It also allowed him to get his mind focussed back on racing, a task that makes Friday riding valuable on its own.

This round, Round 5 of the Bridgestone VMCC Winter Series was a two day event, with three sprint races on Saturday, two longer races on Sunday. Saturday Qualifying went well with Aaron taking pole by one second from Matt Hayward and over 2 seconds from Kyle Hammond. Race one however, did not go to plan with the bike suffering total power loss on the second lap. Fearing the worst we were relieved when Aaron suggested that the throttle cable had broken and we found that it had slipped out of its keeper in the carburettor. We analysed that and effected a repair, but unfortunately, it would turn out that we did not adjust the free play to Aarons preference and in Race 2 his feel coming back onto the throttle was comprimised and this caused him to lose some focus. Nevertheless he rode very well securinging 3rd place just behind Matt and Kyle. Race 3 and the bike and Aaron were on full song and he had a race-long battle with Kyle, but Kyles superior experience won through, in this case. More on that was to come on Sunday.

Sunday dawned fine and warm, a perfect day for racing. Overnight we had changedth gearing and the rear spring to a heavier spring rate to test the need for this. The moring warm-up went well and Aaron was happy with the bike and all was looking good for a successful day. However, in Race 4 after a good 125GP get away, the Superlight crowd decided to mess it all up, so the race was red-flagged. In his haste Kyle went racing past at least 4 red flags while Aaron and Matt sat up after seeing their first one. However, after Kyle went racing past the pit-entrance Aaron decided (against his better juudgement, but did it anyway) to follow him. The upshot of all that was that both Kyle and Aaron were excluded from taking the re-start due to breaking a safety rule. Such is the consequence of the new Zero Tolerance policy. Aaron was very philosophical about it and took it really well. He knew damned well what he should have done, was preparing to do it, but then followed Kyle. Nevermind, no great damage done to the championship and the tyres might not have lasted two 12 lap races anyway!!

There was a bright side, in that it left him with sufficient energy to steal the 250 Production lap record on the last lap of the last race he will do in 250 Production at Manfeild. Lowering the record from 1:27.03 to 1:26.86. An awesome achievement.

The last race at Manfeild for the season in 125GP was an excellent battle between Kyle and Aaron with Matt falling back with tyre troubles early in the race. Although our tyres were very well worn, the behaviour of the bike suggested that the heavier spring was too far and that we will need something in between, so again, another good testing result. Kyles experience won out in the end of that race, but the good points haul puts Aaron (319) 19 points in the lead of the championship ahead of Matt Hayward (300), Tyler Lincoln (267) now back in 3rd having sat out this round (in an aeroplane on his way to Europe!!) and Joel Dijkstra (171). With 75 points still in the bag at Taupo at the end of October, it will be a titanic battle between Aaron, Matt and Tyler for championship honours.


June 8-9 Aaron Hassan takes first 125GP race victory and leads VMCC championship

In very trying wet, damp, dry, wet conditions today at Manfeild Park in Round 2 of the Bridgestone Victoria Motorcycle Club championships, Aaron rode the Moto Academy NZ Honda RS125 to 2nd, 3rd and 1st places. The 125GP racing was awesome between four young, talented and enthusiatic riders and highly entertaining. These were also Aarons first races in the rain on the 125GP bike. The Moto Academy NZ bike appeared to be down on top-end speed but had awesome drive off the corners and appeared to be on rails around the corners. Aaron had a few issues getting the bike off the line at the start, but his laptimes were the fastest of all the 125 riders in two of the three races.

Aaron is now leading the VMCC championship in both MotoGP125 and 250 Production.  Well done!!


Mark Brehaut 1966 - 2012 RIP

It is with the heaviest of hearts that Moto Academy NZ adds our condolances to the friends and family of Mark Brehaut (45) who lost his life in a racing incident on Saturday 5 May 2012 at Manfeild Park. In perfect conditions Mark ran into the rear of a slowed motorcycle and suffered his fatal injuries and passed away at the circuit later that day. Mark was a member of the Moto Academy NZ coaching group in 2011 and after suffering a severe brain problem in 2008, was living his life large. Our best wishes also go out to Bent Nelson and family. It seems Brent has lost a part of his leg as a result of the accident. Kia kaha tatou.

On a personal note of my own, Marks loss brings the loss of the fifth close friend and acquaintance for me due to racing accidents. I have been racing since 1990-91 and feel that is plenty long enough. This decision has been on the table for a while, but I will no longer be racing myself and have decided to get rid of all my own racing equipment so that I can no longer be tempted. The closure of another chapter in my own life.


Victoria Motorcycle Club Winter Series 2012 kicks off May 5/6

This coming weekend the new season of racing kicks off with Round 1 of the Vic Club championships.

Victoria Motorcycle Club Kiwibike Insurance Junior Development and Moto Academy NZ will also kick off our coaching programme for 2012. This year Kiwibike Motorcycle Insurance has come on board to support the programme.

After a very successful 2011 with a group of riders of mixed age, this year our group will include only one rider who is not a young rider, and will have two novice and five more experienced, but still young, racers.

Aaron Hassan(13) from Auckland will be making the step up from Prolite 250 to 125GP on the Moto Academy NZ Honda RS125. Aaron had a fantastic NZSBK season in Pro-Lite on the Kawasaki Ninja 250 and he will also be running this bike over the winter, so will be a very busy young fella.

Tyler Lincoln (14) from Havelock North will also be stepping up to the 125GP class on his own, recently acquired, Honda RS125. Tyler ran a successful campaign in the South Island rounds of NZSBK on the 150 Streetstock bike, and in the North Island on the Moto Academy NZ 125GP bike. He will also be running his fast Kawasaki KRR150 in the Streetstock 150 class looking to defend his title from 2011, so he too will be a very busy fella.

2011 VMCC Mini-lite 250 champion Sarah Elliot of Otaki, who also ran in Pro-lite and Pro-twin in NZSBK, has decided to join the programme so that she can polish up her growing skill base and transfer them from the 250 Mini-lite onto the 650 Pro-Twin bike.

The Presidential kids, the Banks girls, Mihi (15) and Turiana (13) from Titahi Bay will be aiming to show all the boys a clean pair of high heels on their President Clive prepared KR150s in the Streetstock class. This will be Mihi’s second season of coaching, while this will be Turiana’s first season on the ‘big’ bikes after a successful summer of bucket racing.

Rogan Chandler (14) from Upper Hutt and David Neal (18) from Karori will be among the boys chasing those two and the other Streetstockers. Rogan now has a couple of seasons in bucket and Streetstock racing behind him and is one of the strong improvers from 2011, while David is new to racing, but has shown at testdays and at PMCC Taupo race meeting that he already has significant ability behind him.


We are very excited by the new intake and hope that we will be able to impart some of our knowledge and help the riders develop their skills for a successful 2012 racing season.


Hafiq Azmi finishes 3rd in 2012 NZSBK 125GP championship, Orwin 4th, Jarman 7th, Hammond 8th and Lincoln 10th, Azmi NZ GP title, Orwin NZ TT title

At the end of the 2012 season after not competing in the final two rounds and winning 7 out of 9 races in the South Island and the NZ Grand Prix Hafiq Azmi hs finished in 3rd position in the 125GP championship with 215 points only 30 points from the winner, Seth Devereux.

Well done to Hafiq. We will get his trophy off to him soon and wish him all the best for his season in Europe.

And to close out a successful season for Moto Academy NZ, Glen Orwin finished in 4th position, James Jarman in 7th and Kyle Hammond in 8th, and Tyler Lincoln in 10th. So Moto Academy NZ can claim to have coached riders to 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 10th in NZSBK 125GP 2012 and to both 2012 NZGP and NZTT titles.

A pretty good record if we do say ourselves!


Tyler Lincoln again performs well at NZSBK Round 5, Taupo Motorsport Park

Tyler qualified in 5th position out of 11 riders. An excellent result which put him on the inside of row 2 which would allow him a clear run down the inside of the track into T1 off the start.

Tyler had a great race with two other riders and came out in 6th position. Again, a very healthy position.

Tyler ended the wet race in 4th place behind Kyle Hammond by 0.089s and set the fastest laptime of the race by over 1sec!

After a poor start in the first part of the red flagged race Tyler was down the field finishing in 7th position, but had a better start to the second part and was doing well, but struggling with the bike set up and finished in 6th place, still a very good result.

Overall Tyler finished the season with more points from his second round than his first, he was the leading rider who did not compete in all the rounds (besides Hafiq of course) and finished in 10th position so can wear #10 next summer if he rides in 125GP and he really showed his class, his abilities and his humility. To cap off the season Hafiq Azmi still ended up in 3rd position in the championship and Tyler was awarded the 2012 Bridgestone Scholarship. We hope that we will be able to get a package together for Tyler to ride in 125GP over the winter and to travel to Red Bull Rookies Cup selection.

Thanks Tyler for a fantastic effort.


Tyler Lincoln shows his class at NZSBK Round 4, Hampton Downs

Moto Academy NZ travelled to Hampton Downs circuit in the north Waikato region of New Zealand over the weekend 16-18 March 2012 for the 4th round of the Castrol Power 1 NZSBK championships. This weekend we would be supporting young 14 year old Tyler Lincoln from Havelock North in his first outing in anger on the 125GP bike. We were all very excited to open this new chapter in the development of Moto Academy NZ and the motorcycle racing career of Tyler. After a very successful winter and summer season on the 150 Streetstock machine Tyler was champing at the bit to get racing on the Honda RS125 GP bike.

Thankfully for us for this first race event for Tyler, the weather conditions were fantastic for the whole weekend, so we had no worries about track conditions or tyre changes. On the Friday afternoon we set about setting the bike up for Tyler and he set about getting out onto the track and learning to ride the bike and to get it around the track. As per Tylers abilities, he made no mistakes throughout the sessions and steadily reduced his laptimes, ending the day with a best laptime in the 1m 22 sec bracket.

Saturday morning dawned foggy and cool, but this would soon change as the sun came up and things warmed up. We got stuck into practicing and tuning and Tyler steadily reduced his laptimes further down to 1m 17sec bracket and in the QP he qualified 9th out of 12 riders, so he was not even the slowest of the current riders in the class! The fastest laptime of the session was 1m 12sec, so we were only 5 sec per lap off the pace. Saturday afternoon brought race 1 for the weekend and Tylers first race in the 125GP class. After a hectic start where he was forced to the back of the feild he set about putting his head down and laying down fast laps. While he went slightly slower than his QP time, so did everyone else and Tyler ended up with a great finishing position of 9th.

Sundays weather proved to be about the same as Saturday so we made only minimal changes to the bike to compensate for Tylers increased speed around the track. Race 2 was a fantastic race with battles all through the field and Tyler was able to lower his laptimes to 1m 15sec bracket and due to one or two DNFs in the field he came home in a fantastic 6th position, but he had some of the best battles in the field! Race 3, the New Zealand Tourist Trophy race, was a bit different with Tyler stalling the bike as he approached the start line. This caused a bit of a chain reaction with the organisers and while Tyler was getting his bike restarted a rider was allowed to start the race from pitlane. When this rider was halfway around the track the race proper was started. Tyler got away very well and set about racing with very seasoned riders and had a race-long 4 bike battle from which he emerged victorious and finished in a fantastic 7th position with a best laptime of 1:14.20s, only 2 sec off the best laptimes.

We have to say therefore, that this weekend of racing in NZSBK 2012 and NZ TT event was an unmitigated success and we showed everyone that Tyler is one of the brightest young talents currently in our sport.

We now move to Taupo Circuit this weekend for the final round of NZSBK 2012 with only one championship decided (Superlite) and all championships very close so that any number of riders can take victory. The 125GP championship is no different with any one of four riders able to take the championship. Currently Hafiq Azmi is still leading, but it is not likely that this will remain the situation after race 3 at Taupo.


Moto Academy NZ alumnus Glen Orwin takes 3 from 3 and NZ 125GP TT title at Hampton Downs

We wish to add our immense congratulations to Glen Orwin (NZ#7, Moto Academy 2009, 2010) who showed the class that we all knew was there and took three victories from all three races at Hampton Downs. He also took the NZ Tourist Trophy title, a very deserved and very popular victory. The races were all very hard fought with Glen having to manage his race very well inorder to finish out front. Glen has now jumped up to 4th in the 125GP championship and has a shot at taking the class victory depending on results for other riders. We wish him all the best.


Moto Academy NZ to provide coaching and classes for riders at Victoria Motorcycle Club Championships 2012


…Are you an aspiring young, novice or ‘slow’ motorcycle racer?

…Do you want your skills and abilities to grow and develop?

…Do you want to learn more of the art of motorcycle roadracing?

…Do you want your lap-times to decrease?

…Do you want develop the skills to step-up to the next racing class?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions then READ ON!


Moto Academy NZ is offering young, novice and also established riders who want to improve, the opportunity to learn the art of motorcycle road racing, through a comprehensive coaching and instructional programme that will be offered during the Actrix VMCC Winter Series 2011 and beyond.


 Moto Academy NZ will provide a professional coaching and teaching infrastructure during the season that will include subjects and inputs that you will need to improve your racing knowledge, abilities and results.


Moto Academy NZ will be coaching the 2011 VMCC junior supported riders and we invite all other interested riders to join our group. All riders will equally be able to teach and learn lessons from the other riders in the group. We aim to have at least 5 riders, with a maximum of around 10. We will be coaching at all 6 rounds of racing and at the two club track-days in 2011. PMCC Manfeild events later in the year can be added at extra cost.


What are we planning to do?

·  Provide you with a basic knowledge of motorcycle road racing including: safety, etiquette, equipment, preparation, attitude

·  On-track coaching where we will follow you on track and provide feedback

·  Track-side coaching where we will observe you from trackside and provide feedback

·  Help you with your off-track training and preparation

·  Classroom tutorials discussing a wide range of aspects of racing including: racing lines, braking, overtaking, concentration


What will it cost you? (as at 1 April 2012)   $745 incl GST

(payable at start of season)

Contact Steve:

Hafiq Azmi and Moto Academy NZ make it Seven out of Nine and two Seconds in NZSBK 125GP and comfortable points lead overall.

NZSBK Round 3, Teretonga Raceway, Invercargill, Jan 2012.


Hafiq Azmi and Moto Academy NZ make it Six out of Six in NZSBK 125GP.

NZSBK Round 2, Levels Raceway, Timaru, Jan 2012.

Sadly however, after an horrific crash in the 600 Supersport warm-up at this round, 19 yr old Cameron Jones lost his battle and passed away quietly in hospital.

Our deepest sympathies and thoughts go out to his family and friends.


Hafiq Azmi takes comfortable victories in all three races including NZ Grand Prix title at New Zealand Superbike Championship 125 Grand Prix class aboard the Moto Academy NZ Honda RS125

NZSBK Round 1, Ruapuna Circuit, Christchurch Jan 2012.