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18 December 2010

Moto Academy NZ signs Amirul Hafiq Azmi to undertake training and racing in New Zealand

We are very pleased to announce that Moto Academy NZ will take on its first international rider this summer. Amirul is 14 from Malaysia and has been racing in the Malyasian equivalent of our Streetstock 150 class. Amirul and his team have signed to race in Europe in 2011 so have decided to avail themselves of the opportunity offered by Moto Academy NZ to get some training, mentoring and racing experience over the NZ early summer prior to heading to Europe. Moto Academy NZ will prepare two racebikes for Amirul and will offer both trackside and classroom instruction. We are looking forward to the unfolding of this next chapter in the life of Moto Academy NZ. 


October 9 2010

Glen Orwin takes victory in the 2010 Actrix Victoria Motorcycle Club MotoGP125 championship.

After a hard fought battle throughout a very wet and demanding season, Glen Orwin took solid finishes and accumulated points to climb to the top of the championship. This championship adds to his victory in the Auckland Motorcycle Club 2010 125GP championship and his solid 7th place finish in the 2010 NZSBK 125GP championship.


September 2 2010

Moto Academy NZ and The Interislander are very happy to announce the continuation of our sponsorship relationship. We are very proud to know that the people at The Interislander have enjoyed receiving our race reports and are"delighted" to continue their support for the summer of 2010-2011. Support of this kind makes it possible for Moto Academy NZ to travel to Christchurch to race at Ruapuna, and to travel to the South Island to compete in the New Zealand Superbike Championships.


August 19 2010

She finally lives. The Moto Academy NZ Pre-'89 Post Classic racer is finished.

We have made the finishing touches to our long-term project. This bike is a 1989 Honda RS250 NF5 GP bike. After sourcing parts from all over the world, and from Mike's shed, the bike is polished, painted and ready to go. We will look forward to getting her out during the summer at some of the Post-Classic and Two Stroke GP meetings.

Specs: 1989 Honda RS250 NF5.

Polished 1989 NF5 HRC frame with standard integral rear subframe, HRC kit cylinders, standard HRC pistons, standard HRC NF5 ignition, Keihin PJ38 de-choked carburettors, standard HRC cylinder heads, Honda VFR 400 3.5" x 17" front wheel, Nissin Honda RS250 4-pot brakes,  HRC stainless steel discs 272mm, SBS Dual carbon brake pads, Technomagnesio Honda RS250 4.5" x 17" rear wheel, kit exhaust chambers with standard HRC mufflers, Bridgestone YDC compound racing slick tyres, Dunlop ex-team Toth 250GP factory racing rain tyres, Honda NSR250 Pre-load adjustable only front forks (searching for RS250 forks), Ohlins rear suspension, Factory braced Honda RS250 NF5 swingarm, Honda RS250 NX5 dual-core radiator, 1989 RS250 Honda Great Britain fairings, Battle Factory Battleshifter quickshifter fitted for testing, Battle Factory foot levers, steering damper, modified Honda NSR250 sprocket carrier, RK 520 chain.

1989 Honda RS250.


1989 Honda RS  250.


Rear end, Technomagnesio wheel, Ohlins rear shock absorber.


Riders view of the cockpit.

June 8 2010

Glen Orwin is elected Club Captain of Auckland Motorcycle Club Inc.

Continuing his immersion into the world of New Zealand motorcycle racing Glen attended the recent AMCC annual general meeting and ended up coming away with a job! While saying that he did not intend on finding himself in a job, he thinks that it will be fun and will teach him about the administrative and social side of the sport and he will get to meet a whole bunch of new and fun people. Have fun!

June 1 2010

Kyle Hammond returns for a third year to Moto Academy NZ

Moto Academy NZ and Lower Hutt rider Kyle Hammond have agreed terms that will see Kyle return to ride with us for a third year. We plan that this year will see him cement the lessons learned during his first two years and to continue to develop the speed that saw him post a laptime within 0.55 seconds of the new Manfeild lap record over the summer.


May 15 2010

Moto Academy NZ recommends Jake Lewis to Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup

Following the withdrawal of Daniel Mettam from Moto Academy NZ we take please in recommending young Rangiora rider Jake Lewis to Red Bull Rookies Cup. The situation at Rookies Cup has been very fluid for the past two years, and this year has seen a change in the pre-selection format. The new Road to Rookies Cup format has been established wherein riders apply and are then invited to submit their results during their racing seasons. Jake Lewis who rides with Team VB Racing has been  accepted onto the Road to Rookies Cup and Moto Academy NZ has recommended him to the Rookies Cup management team. We have been informed that we are all on the same page with regard to Jake, so we sincerely hope that this means that he will be selected to attend the 2011 selection event in October.


May 2 2010

Auckland Motorcycle Club 125GP Champion 2010 - Glen Orwin

Moto Academy NZ is very pleased and proud to announce that Glen Orwin has taken home the crown of Auckland Motorcycle Club 125GP champion for the 2009/10 season. Predominantly held at the Pukekohe circuit south of Auckland, this championship is a longstanding and traditionally hard-fought championship. We are happy to have played our part in Glens success. 

We should also mention, that one of our new students for 2010, James Jarman, placed second in the same championship. This shows that both Glen and James have good racing abilities and we look forward to enabling them to reach their goals and dreams.


April 28 2010

Daniel Mettam withdraws from Moto Academy NZ 2010

It is with regret that we announce that Daniel Mettam and family have decided to withdraw from Moto Academy NZ for the 2010 season. Unfortunately this means that Daniel will no longer be attending Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup under the auspices of Moto Academy NZ. This does mean however, that the position might become available to another New Zealand rider.

We wish Daniel, Glenn and family all the best for the 2010 season and into the future.

Glen Orwin secures 7th place in NZ 125GP championship

NZSBK Round 5 Hampton Downs March 27/28

Over the past weekend Moto Academy NZ rider Glen Orwin competed at the final round of the New Zealand Superbike Championship 125GP class at the new Hampton Downs circuit north of Hamilton. We arrived on Friday morning to set up shop with the Steve Ward Racing team from Christchurch in the large marquee right on the pit-lane. From Friday to Sunday the weather was hot, humid and windy, starting out with SW winds which changed to S then to NE. This caused a few headaches regarding gearing, but we were able to run with almost the same gearing through the weekend. 

Glen had done a couple of trackdays at the circuit prior to the weekend so knew his way around, a bit of an advantage over some of the South Island riders. Friday practice and Saturday qualifying went well and Glen qualified 9th out of 10 qualifiers. Unfortunately, this gave him a position on the inside line which was not the greatest regarding the run into turn one from the start and he ended up getting boxed in on each race start.

Nevertheless, Glen showed that his speed is improving and he was able to race with the front runners early in the races, but falling back later on.

Race 1 saw the 2009 champion fall in T1 and Glen picked up 7th place. A great result. Race 2 went similarly but no one dropped out and Glen came home in 8th after having a fierce battle with Colin and Cameron. This left Glen in 8th position in the championship, but really close to 7th position. A good finish would be required in race 3. This good finishing position started to become a reality when Tim decided to sit it out due to his weakened broken wrist and Jaden Hassan crashed out on the warm-up lap and did not face the start. Then on lap one in Turn 1 Eric and Jake had a coming together and they went down, followed by Cameron who had nowhere to go and fell also. In an act of fair sportsmanship, the Biddle family lent Eric their spare bike to complete the race. So, Jaden, Tim, Jake and Cameron were out, so a good position was totally on the cards. Glen started well and was running with Gordon and Eric until the bike started to lose power. As the race went on the bike lost more power, but otherwise continued to run smoothly. (Post race analysis showed that the spark-plug electrode had broken off!!). So Glen stayed out and finished the race in 6th position.

This finish allowed Glen to advance to 7th position overall in the New Zealand championship.

Again, we met most of our goals for the meeting, with Glen running only 3 sec per lap behind the front runner, who was indeed, 1-1.5 sec faster than the next runners, thereby leaving Glen only 1-1.5 sec behind most of the front runners. Glen showed that he could run with Gordon, who was one of his target riders and he finished in good positions in all three races.

So overall we can say that Glens 2010 NZSBK championship was an unqualified success. Glen finished all but one of the 15 races and that DNF was our mistake, not his. He had only two crashes, one a slow one in a tricky corner in tricky conditions at Ruapuna and one when the engine seized at Manfeild. He was able to run between 1.5-5 sec per lap off the front runners, who were on lap-record pace for the whole season, and learned about the ins and outs of the national championship circus.

We are totally confident in Glens technical racing abilities. He has good bike feel, good feel for the circuits and is learning about bike set up. But we all learned that he needs to work on his early race pace and find ways to push himself on at the beginning of the races and when the pace heats up.

Glen has decided to stay with Moto Academy NZ for the 2010 club season, so we will work on this aspect of his technique. We are hopeful of enlisting an Olympic Gold medal coach to help us with this part of the Moto Academy NZ programme. 


March 20 2010

Moto Academy NZ signs fourth rider for 2010

Moto Academy NZ has signed James Jarman

James Jarman from Whangarei has decided to join us for the 2010 club season. James has his own RS125 racebike and has been trying to race it during 2009, but finding too many barriers and speedbumps. He has therefore decided that a season with us will provide him with more experience and knowledge. We are confident that we will be able to provide this knowledge so that he will have a more successful time on his own bike. Signing James brings us a full complement of riders for 2010 and we look forward to a successful and exciting season.

Moto Academy NZ riders complete California Superbike School

Ben Taylor and Daniel Mettam complete Levels 1 and 2

On March 11 and 12 2010 Moto Academy NZ launched our 2010 season at the California Superbike School New Zealand Levels 1 and 2 classes at the new Hampton Downs circuit.  A perfect way to start out two new and young riders on the path to motorcycle racing careers, the California Superbike School teaches riders the science and art of fast and effective cornering on motorcycles. Ben and Daniel were excited to begin the year with such a positive and challenging undertaking, but we were all confident that the outcome would be rewarding.

February 28 2010

Moto Academy NZ picks up a new RS125 race bike

On Sunday 28th we added a 5th RS125 to our fleet. A 1998 ex-All Japan championship bike became available for a price that simply could not be turned down. This means that we have upgraded from a 1995 to near current model bike for a great deal. We thank Doug, Ivan and William Juggins for agreeing to the great deal.


February 1 2010

Moto Academy NZ signs two new riders for 2010 season

Moto Academy NZ are pleased to announce the signing of Daniel Mettam (14) of Auckland and Ben Taylor (17) of Marton. Even though he is only 14, Daniel has significant racing experience and had great success in the Actrix VMCC Streetstock 150 class in the 2009 season. Ben comes from a horse sport background, currently competing in Polocrosse. Ben won his class in the High Schools MiniMoto competition 2009 and was pointed in our direction. Following his test in early January it became clear that he has some ability on a racebike, so we all agreed that it would be worth his while trying out road racing with Moto Academy NZ.


January - February 2010

New Zealand Superbike Championships

Moto Academy NZ rider Glen Orwin embarked on his first New Zealand Superbike 12GP championship in the middle of January. With the assistance of The Interislander in particular the Moto Academy NZ team packed up and headed to Christchurch for the first of three rounds in the South Island. Thursday on the drive down started out  nice and fine, but ended up turning into a grey, rainy day in Christchurch. This weather decided to hang around for the whole weekend, off and on.

Our targets for the championship were threefold: to learn the circuits for future championships, to finish every race and to run laptimes around 5 sec per lap from the lead riders.


Manfeild Round 4, Feb 26-28 2010

After a month or so off to recouperate and get all the bikes back into shape we all arrived at Manfeild refreshed and ready go again. For this meeting Kyle Hammond would be rejoining us to show the competition his styles.

Friday practice started out wet, so we waited it out for a couple of hours until the sun came out and dried out the track. Kyle and Glen set about their tasks of setting gearing and suspension for the weekends racing. There was a stiff wind blowing down the back straight, so on Kyles bike at least, we needed to make the gearing somewhat longer than we would normally run. On Glens bike we tried longer and shorter but ended up with our normal Manfeild gearing. Friday even was spent changing tyres and pistons in the bikes and giving them a clean, ready for qualifying and racing on Saturday.

Saturday practice and qualifying: The first half of FP1 was spent running in the new pistons after which the boys were able to get into it. The practice session went well with the boys both posting respectable laptimes. In QP1 it was time for the riders to show their stuff. The pace this season in all the classes has been faster than any previous seasons with lap records being broken at all circuits. QP1 showed that 125GP at Manfeild would be no different, with a fastest laptime of 1:13.1 being posted. This was some 0.8sec faster than the existing lap record. Unfortunately, near the end of the session Glens engine siezed up on him going into Turn 1 and threw him over the top of the bike. Luckily he was largely unhurt and the bike was repairable. So Kyle qualified 5th with a 1:17.0 and Glen in 10th with a 1:20.8.

R1:  Both riders got good starts and hustled through the first turn and into the race. Glen got bumped back a few places and was taking time to get into his work, while Kyle was racing with the lead group. Unfortunately, we had repaired Glens bike with the troublesome Brembo brake master cylinder which we thought had been repaired. It had not, and it again jammed on, leaving Glen stranded over the back of the circuit. At least he got to watch the race from a good vantage point, but suffered his first DNF of the season. Kyle came in in a great 5th position with a best time of 1:15.9.

R2: Sunday morning dawned perfect for motorcycle racing and the day would stay that way. After another slow start to the race Glen gradually upped his pace and began to run with the group in front of him. He managed to get past all of the them to come home in an excellent 6th position with a best laptime of 1:17.9. Kyle had another awesome race, managing to stay with the front runners for most of the race and eventually come home in a fantastic 4th place with a lap time of 1:14.1, only 0.2 off the existing lap record!! However, in this race the lap record was lowered to 1:13.53. In anycase, to be only 0.5 sec off the new lap record on our quite standard bikes is a really pleasing achievement. Glens race showed that he really has the ability to race with good, seasoned riders when he wants to, but needs to be able to get up to speed before the first lap!

R3 was panning out very similarly to R2 with Kyle running in 4th for most of the race, but showing signs of slowing down. Eventually he also ground to a halt with what ended up being a siezed crankshaft. This was a shame, but we were all philosophical about it as Kyle showed everyone his abilities and had not raced since October. Glens race went very similarly to R2, but he took more time to get going and was not able to catch the front of the group with whom he was racing and came home in 7th place.

So, our Round 4 at Manfield was pretty much a success with a couple of ups and downs. Glen feels it was his best weekend of racing he has had and Kyle showed everyone that he has the ability to run with the race leaders and that the Moto Academy NZ bikes lack nothing for bike speed. We showed that we could turn about a damaged bike in quick time and get Glen back on track to run well. Glen failed to complete all races, but that was our fault and not his, so that is a shame. But he ran within 4 sec of the front runners and really had a great time.


Timaru Levels Round 3, Jan 29-31 2010

The Moto Academy NZ boys spent a couple of fun days in Queenstown before heading up to Timaru. Glen decided he would cycle up to Coronet Peak and had a great time. We then went luge racing, but Glen couldn't keep up with Steve!! Yay, one result to me!

We headed to the Levels circuit on Wednesday to get in some tracktime during the afternoon. The weather was very hot and sunny which made it difficult to get the bike to run correctly. Nevertheless Glen got in some laps and we sorted out the direction to go with gearing and suspension. Thursday was our day off, so we went to the track to set up the paddock tents and then have the day relaxing.

Friday practice was about set-up, finding gearing and learning the track and it all seemed to go well.

Saturday practice and qualifying: The weather continued to play ball as it tends to in Timaru. Glen qualified in 8th place (of 9) but unfortunately, about 8 sec a lap off the front runners. 

R1 Saturday went very well, with Glen getting a great 6th place finish with laptimes 6 sec off the front.

R2 Sunday also went really well. Glen was racing hard, so hard that he ran off the track and over the grass down the start-finish straight! This upset the timing people, but we got it sorted out. A great 8th place finish resulted, running about 6 sec a lap off the front, but the leader did set a new lap record along the way!

R3 Sunday was very eventful with three front runners and a back marker falling down. One managed to continue however. Glen got another great 6th place.


Overall we need to consider that Round 3 was a success, but we did not meet all of our goals. While Glen got good finishes in all three races, his laptimes however were not all that great. But the results were there and Glen came away in really good shape in the championship.


Teretonga Round 2, Jan 23-25 2010

We arrived in Invercargill after Steve had been home for a couple of days and Glen had spent the week driving down through Dunedin and helping out Kevin Goddard with some bike repairs on their bikes. The weather, for a change, was lovely and sunny, so we headed to the track to get in some laps for Glen who had never previously been to Invercargill. Glen ran plenty of laps and we sorted some gearing and had some fun in the sun.

Friday practice went very well and Glen was able to run good laptimes, near our target.

Glen Orwin in the marquee at Teretonga Raceway

Saturday practice and qualifying: Glen qualified in 9th place, just over 6 seconds from the lead riders.

R1 Saturday was an eventful race. Most of the race went very well, with Glen running at the rear, but comfortably. His best laptime was a 1:10.8, approximately 5 sec off the pace of the front runners. The organisers then showed the riders two white flags at the end of the race. Three riders at the rear of the feild then pulled into the pitlane before crossing under the chequered flag. Glen however, did not, and continued racing. We are sure that he passed two of them before the chequered flag, but maybe all three. However, the organisers decided to award the race on the result after the 10th lap. We protested but to little avail. However, on the Sunday they did the same thing in the Superbike race and awarded the race, after some protestation, on the result at the chequered flag. We pointed out this discrepency to the Steward, but they suggested they would not change the result of our race. We will be appealing to the MNZ commission.

R2 on Sunday morning followed the same result as R1, but Glen dropped into the 1:09 sec laptimes, which put him 4 sec a lap off the front runners.

R3 Sunday afternoon was held in sunny but windy conditions. Due to one of the leaders crashing out, Glen finished in 9th place, again about 5 sec a lap off the front runners.

So, again, we met all of our goals for the championship. Glen finished all three races, albeit in last position, coming away in 9th place overall. But Teretonga is a circuit that rewards real aggression and Glen was not yet in a position to deliver that on the bike. Glen rode within 4-5 sec a lap from the front runners and learned plenty about the worlds southernmost race track.


Ruapuna Round 1, Jan 16-18 2010

Friday practice went well with Glen getting in plenty of quality laps in a mixture of conditions. He had on small slip off in the infamous 'Dipper' corner, but very little damage was done, so that was OK.

Saturday practice and qualifying was held in very changeable conditions but thankfully the rain stayed away and Glen qualified well in 11th position with a best laptime of 1:48.5.


R1 was held in wet conditions and Glen finished in a very fine 8th position. But the best news was that Glen managed to run the 5th best laptime of the race!! His laptime was some 0.8s faster than the race winner. This shows that he clearly has the skill to ride quickly when his rhythm is right.

Glen Orwin in the rain at Ruapuna Raceway

R2 on Sunday morning was held in cool, damp conditions but we went out on the dry set-up like most of the other riders. In these tricky conditions Glen did not find a rhythm, and ended up getting lapped near the end of the race. But a good 10th place finish maintained his finishing record.

R3 on Sunday afternoon was run in much better conditions and Glen managed another 10th place finish.

So, we came away with three finishes from three races and 10th place overall. We covered two of our goals, but laptimes in the dry were some distance from the lead riders. We must acknowledge that these lead riders have many many hours of experience around the technical Ruapuna circuit. But in the wet race Glen showed that he could run with the lead riders.


9 January 2010

Moto Academy NZ tests young Streetstock rider Daniel Mettam and new rider Ben Taylor.

During the private club trackday run at Manfeild in January Moto Academy NZ tested two new riders for 2010.

Daniel Mettam (14) from Auckland and Ben Taylor (17) of Marton. Daniel has a year of Streetstock and Bucket racing behind him now, while Ben comes to our sport from Polocrosse and the High Schools Pocket-Bike construction competition. Both riders showed exceptional capabilities on the Moto Academy NZ Honda RS125 bikes.

Daniel was able to lap consistently in the 1min 23sec bracket and Ben was able to lap consistently in the 1min 25sec bracket, which are only 6-10 sec per lap away from very good laptimes. Both riders were riding well within their limits given that this was a test and both showed that they might well have the talent to proceed further.

Ben has since signed up for Moto Academy NZ 2010 and we await MNZ dispensation for Daniel to sign up.