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28 December 2009

Moto Academy NZ tests young Streetstock rider Daniel Mettam.

During the Streetstock practice at the Taupo Roadrace Spectacular, Moto Academy NZ and Daniel Mettam took the opportunity for him to get a couple of laps in on the 125GP bike. His session was unfortuately cut short so he only got in a couple of laps, but he thoroughly enjoyed it and wants to come back for more.

Daniel Mettam on the Honda RS125, 27 Jan 2009, Taupo.


28 December 2009

Moto Academy New Zealand completes a second successful year.

By the time this goes to press we will have wound up our second year of rider training and racing. We will also be fully into the NZ Superbike Champs racing. The 2009 season has now closed out and new entrants considering joining us for 2010 are encouraged to contact us ASAP. Our available seats are filling up so we welcome approaches from riders at the early stages of their racing careers.

To recap, the 2009 season saw the return of Kyle Hammond (Lower Hutt) and welcomed new riders Glen Orwin (Auckland), Will Baker (Wellington) and Walter Gouws (Auckland). Everyone was keen to test their skills on the track and right from the first testing days we could see that we had riders with skills at various ends of the spectrum. Accommodating these differences is precisely the aim of Moto Academy NZ. We really pride ourselves in finding ways to develop each persons learning curve and making them a more able, aware and ‘professional’ racer.

From the first race meeting in May at Actrix VMCC Superbike champs we saw that Kyle had lost none of the speed he had developed during the 2008 season, taking a win in Race 2 of the season. Glen showed that he would be our new rider to watch this season, showing some excellent speed and skill right from the off. Although his exuberance got the better of him and he jumped off in a fast crash in race 1, but luckily without injury! He also learned the hard way when he stalled the bike on the start line in race 2, it wouldn’t readily restart and he was excluded from the race! Will and Walter were bringing other (road) riding habits to the table and these would take some work to adapt to track riding, but both were well up for the challenge.

The winter racing season progressed very well, with riders all developing their skills and knowledge through our tutorial and racing programmes. We had a high number of crashes this year due to the riders wanting to push their own envelopes and as a result pushing beyond their limits from time to time. Again, due to good luck or good management (i.e. our Alpinestars, Forcefield, and Shoei safety equipment) we had no injuries. But crashing is part of bike racing and it happens, so we chalked it up as all part of the racing experience. In the main part the issues that caused these crashes seems to have been worked through, we have taught the riders new techniques and at the end of the season we saw many fewer accidents and the riders were all going faster than when they started. Indeed Kyle began to show ever increasing speed and lead a number of races throughout the season, but in a couple of crucial races he over-rode things a bit and fell off the motorcycle. He learned his lessons though and in the latter part of the season he lead races and stayed on the bike!

In early October I travelled to Italy with Avalon Biddle to the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup selection at Adria circuit. Our reserved position at the selection is unique to Moto Academy NZ and offers a young rider (12-16 years old) the greatest current opportunity to break into the world of international motorcycle racing. The event didn’t turn out as we had all hoped, but it was a fantastic opportunity for Avalon, I learned plenty of techniques that we can implement in Moto Academy, and we all had a great time meeting other riders and parents from around the world. We now know that Red Bull and KTM will continue to support Rookies Cup for 2010 so we can plan to send a further young NZ talent.  

We then wrapped up October with the final round of the Actrix VMCC Superbike champs with Kyle taking out third place overall in MotoGP125 and Moto Academy NZ being awarded, for the second year running, the Best Presented Team award. In early November, as the weather was beginning to warm up and thanks to Hanna at The Interislander, we boarded one of their ferries and headed to Christchurch for our visit to Ruapuna circuit. We had two sunny and warm days at the track and all the riders had an excellent time. Kyle, having never even seen the track before, (or the South Island for that matter) immediately leapt into second place showing outstanding pace against the local riders who have many many hours around the track. Glen and Will (Walter was not able to attend the weekend) worked steadily and really picked up their pace by the end of the second day with Glen managing to race with and beat one or two of the local riders and Will making a big leap in terms of riding style. Overall this was a most successful weekend and we all had an excellent time and it was great to be in the hot sun for a change!

Our final race weekend was the Taupo Roadrace Spectacular at Taupo circuit at the end of December. This weekend also went off really well with all the riders having  great time racing in the Formula 3 class but for a separate trophy. After a mechanical failure in the wet race 1 Kyle was determined to do well in the Trophy race. Racing against Avalon Biddle and Glen, Kyle forced his way past Avalon into the lead of the 125 class and held that lead to the end to take victory, and the trophy, in our final race. Glen held onto third place just behind Avalon. Will showed some excellent speed, keeping up with Kieran (a new 125GP rider) but finally succumbed to a failing ignition coil. Walter ended the season showing the determination to improve that he had shown all season.

We must offer thanks to our supporters and sponsors who have assisted Moto Academy NZ with products and services. We have had no injuries other than a few bumps and scrapes due to our Alpinestars leathers, boots and gloves (with repairs courtesy of Celtic Leathers) and our quality Shoei helmets. We have had no engine problems that can be assigned to oils due to our European quality Fuchs Silkolene Pro 2T 2-stroke oil and transmission oil. The bikes stop on a dime with SBS Dual-Carbon brake pads and kept sparking with NGK sparkplugs. They all went around and around on Bridgestone tyres driven by RK Chains and AFAM sprockets.  The tyres were warmed using warmers and our fairings were all made locally by Garry at GJH Fibreglass and painted by Pretzel at Evolution Panel and Paint both in Palmerston North. We have been looked after at race meetings by the Victoria Motorcycle Club and Tim Gibbes Track Timing. We have sourced all our specialist parts from Kevin at, Godiva Screens, Graphics HQ in Palmerston North and have lettering, logos and leather repairs done by Celtic Leathers. Finally, thanks again to Hanna at The Interislander, Andrew from Global Motorsports and Richard from The Documentary Channel who made possible our travel to Italy for the Rookies Cup selection and Ruapuna Circuit.

We are planning some exciting changes for the 2010 season which we believe will appeal to a wider spectrum of riders. This will hopefully include adding one or two Streetstock bikes, probably the Aprilia RS125, but costs are an issue. We are also in negotiations with California Superbike School at Hampton Downs circuit to help with rider training at both the start and the end of our season, again, something we identified as helpful to the various riding styles we work with in our students.

We are currently in negotiations with four riders so our seats might be filling up rapidly. So, if you are young and considering starting motorcycle road racing, have spent a season or two on Streetstock, or maybe have gotten over racing MotoX and want a change, then maybe Moto Academy NZ is the place for you. We hope to have a range of choices for each riders ability, and will supply everything that you will need, except your enthusiasm and ability to develop.  We will be at Manfeild on 9 Jan for rider testing, so if you are interested, please contact me ASAP and we might be able to arrange a test for you also.

We believe that our system is developing well, with graduates Glen ‘Sketchy Skachill and Kyle Hammond demonstrating the benefits of being a part of the Moto Academy NZ programme.

Moto Academy NZ riders 2009 at the end of the season. Taupo Roadrace Spectacular Dec 2009. From left: Glen, Will, Kyle, Walter.


9 November 2009

Addition to the Moto Academy NZ family

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Xavier Valentino Reps, 8lb 3oz on 9 November 2009 at Hutt Valley Hospital.

Mum Amanda, Dad Mike and Xavier are doing well.  A new baby brother for Michael and David of California.



1 November 2009

Moto Academy NZ purchases ex-Derek Hill trailer off Victoria Motorcycle Club

The opportunity to purchase an excellent trailer, with which Steve has significant history, came up. We needed a covered trailer for our bikes and gear. The trailer was built by the dad of Steves good friend Derek Hill, who was killed during a race at Pukekohe in 2007. Knowing how good the trailer is, and not wanting it to leave the family so to speak, Moto Academy NZ seized on the opportunity to purchase it. The trailer is now painted and stickered up and really looks a treat!


16 October 2009

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup selection 2010, Adria circuit, Adria, Italy.

As part of the Moto Academy NZ offering we were able to offer a reserved place at the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup selection and support the rider with our Derek Hill Memorial Scholarship. This year the rider chosen was Avalon Biddle of Orewa.

We arrived at the circuit in the afternoon of Monday 5th October. The circuit is in a mixed industrial, agricultural area near Adria which is south of Venice in the Veneto region. The summer/autumn climate is warm and very humid. Monday turned out to be a bike test/trackday at the circuit, so there were many bikes of all sizes out on the track. The test day cost each rider 200€ for the day. After a good look around it was clear that a number of the trialists for the next day were there practicing on their Honda RS125’s, Aprilia RS125’s or Metrakit Pre-GP 125’s. At least two of the riders did about 5hrs riding and as it turned out, one of these was eventually selected the next day.

The circuit is an interesting one, albeit not very long, but with quite a mix of corners. The regular pit-lane building with hospitalities and garages is attached to a large aircraft hanger-like building in which riders pit, totally out of the weather. There are also external pits, a race shop (which wasn’t open), a concrete pad circuit and a bar/restaurant. The circuit has more camber on the corners that it seemed on the PlayStation game, has plenty of run-off and seems like a nice enough race circuit.

Monday evening was sign on and briefing and time for us to have a walk around the track. While we were doing this we noticed the presence of Alex Barros who was there with the two Brazilian riders, one of whom was his son. We met some of the other riders and families and had a bit of a chat with them. Avalon signed in and received her numbered bib, t-shirt and cap and all the other information required, then we headed to the briefing room where the Rookies Cup management greeted everyone and insisted that they were looking for the “right” riders, not necessarily the “fastest”. Many of the people spoke little English, so I don’t know how some of them managed. Most of the people were pretty outgoing and happy to chat, but some, like the Irish and Australians, very much kept to themselves. One issue I had was that we were specifically told that only the rider and a helper if required were to be admitted into the Rookies Cup garage. This however, was not adhered to with many parents and other people being there to support some particular riders.

That night we headed out to find dinner, a mix of pizza and kebabs then headed to the hotel, about 3-4km from the track, for a good nights sleep. We arrived back at the circuit the next morning all ready for the days activities. The riders had been divided into groups of 8 alphabetically by country. So we watched the first couple of groups go out and the chaos that appeared to ensue. The bikes had been warmed up that morning, we heard them, but the track was cold, damp and slick. The bikes also all had brand new Dunlop TT100 tyres on them.

In the first sessions a number of riders simply slipped off in the first  couple of corners and a few bikes appeared to simply stop! One rider reported back that his fuel tap had not been turned on! I thought that maybe some of the bikes were cold seizing, but none seemed to be stripped to examine or put away early. Most riders came back and reported that the bikes were slipping and sliding all over the place during their first sessions and indeed through the remainder of the day. The weather started out overcast and nice and cool with a lot of humidity in the air also suggesting that the jetting maybe was a bit on the rich side.

After gleaning some info from the earlier riders it was Av’s turn to get ready and head out on track. We all watched with anticipation and excitement for her and I guess, with some expectation. She hopped on her allotted bike (more of that later), was pushed out and headed onto the track. She headed past us on the main straight stand and into the left-hand Turn 1. At that point disaster struck and we turned to see Av standing on the track and her bike lying on its side. The marshal at that point rushed down and helped her get her bike off the track and we thought that that was the end of it. But a few minutes later he pushed her off again and she was back on track! The marshal had some tools and bolted her footpeg back on, but did not manage to straighten out the clutch lever.

To this day Avalon is not clear about what happened, but clearly the tyres were cold and slippery, but it is also possible that the engine was a bit sticky and might have stopped and then come on again like many of the other bikes clearly were. So while Avalon only lost a couple of laps, her confidence was clearly damaged by this and effectively she did not recover for the rest of the day. She was never able to recover her confidence in the bike and tyres and rode the remaining sessions in a very tight and restricted manner. Even an early morning phone call to Mum for a pep-talk was not enough to overcome this obstacle. Her lap times certainly came down significantly from 2:00 to 1:50 then 1:40 in the last session. While she was certainly not alone in her concerns with several riders falling in the first and second sessions, the riders that were putting themselves into the frame were able to drop their lap times much more significantly. The fast riders dropped into 1:38 in the first session, 1:35 in the second and 1:30-1:32 in the third session. So it became evident that Avalon’s on track performance would not be good enough to get her into the frame.

The other female rider, Victoria from Spain who, it should be pointed out is a Metrakit racer who had ridden the circuit on Monday, did a best lap time around 1:33. She was also not selected, which I actually found very surprising as she was clearly quick, nice and also very marketable. So, by the end of the day we were all feeling pretty deflated by the experience and I had become somewhat cynical about it all having spoken at length with the British contingent, who it should be said were typically very cynical about it all. But these guys have been in racing for 30 years and have seen it all before. Some of the tricks that the Euros get up to in the series in Spain especially beggar belief and budget! 

Improving our chances next year should we have a Rookies Cup, and should we retain our guaranteed spot really boil down to a few things:

1)     Our rider needs to be younger and needs to be riding bikes similar to the Metrakit 125, such as Aprilia RS125/Cagiva Mito bikes on the Dunlop TT100, or similar, tyres.

2)     We need to be there prior to the event and have a bike to ride in order to get up to speed with the circuit and for the rider to generally get up to speed.

3)     It is vital that the chosen rider is able to get themselves ‘up’ for the event and to really be totally committed and focused on succeeding and the rider needs to be much more aggressive in their approach.

But point 2 comes down to money and how much we are willing to commit to creating the best chance for the rider. But we need to be conscious of the very real marketing and commercial aspects of this whole thing.  One needs to ask;  With the small racing market and following here in NZ, why would Rookies Cup want to ever select an NZ rider? Unless our rider is so outstanding so as to be in the top 2-3 on lap times, my feeling is that there would be no reason to select an NZ rider. My feeling prior to the event was that Avalon represented our best chance at selection, but her performance at the event means that we need to move on and find the next candidate and try to school them up a bit more so that they are ready and able to perform at the peak of their abilities on the day under any circumstances.

The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup remains, for the time being at least, the best opportunity for an NZ rider to break into the world scene and now that we have more information, we can put more robust plans into place for next year if they are able to keep the thing going.

I would like to express our thanks to all the people that have supported Moto Academy NZ over the past season and specifically for this trip to Italy. Firstly is Rhys Hill for agreeing that a scholarship carrying his sons name is a fine idea. There is still a large space in our lives in which Derek strode that will take some filling. Without the assistance of a good friend of Derek’s and ours, who wishes to remain anonymous, none of this would have been possible. I express my gratitude again to him and his family for their commitment.

Andrew Forward of Global Motorsports Ltd was very quick to come on board with travel assistance and basically was the key to getting myself and Avalon to Italy, thanks again Andrew.

Richard Driver of The Documentary Channel provided some funding which allowed us to get a rental car and to eat! Thank you Richard and maybe we will see you at a racetrack soon.

Mark from Wellington gave us an unsolicited donation. It wasn’t large, but Mate, it was very welcome. Thank you for that and all the best for you!

Thank you to our supplier supporters of the Moto Academy NZ programme: Race Supplies, Alpinestars, Shoei Helmets, Fuchs Silkolene, SBS brakes, RK Chain, NGK sparkplugs, AFAM sprockets,, Forcefield protection chest and back protectors, Celtic Leathers, Evolution Panel and Paint, GJH Fibreglass, The Interislander, Bridgestone tyres and Tim Gibbes TrackTiming.

A special large thank you also goes out to Victoria Motorcycle Club of Wellington for all the assistance they have given Moto Academy NZ over the past two seasons. I certainly hope that we are providing mutual value but know that value that you provide to Moto Academy NZ is immense.

The plan for the summer 2009/2010 for Moto Academy NZ is looking pretty busy with a Motorcycling Canterbury meeting in November, the Suzuki International Tri-Series in December and NZSBK in Jan/March hopefully with two riders.

We are also now rethinking our strategy with regard to our structure and are seriously considering moving some Streetstock bikes into the stable so that we can attract younger riders. So we think that we have been providing value for our supporters and hope that they think so also and that they will stay on board with us in 2010 and that we can attract new supporters.

Thank you all again. 

Steve Bagshaw

Moto Academy NZ


14 October 2009

Avalons Rookies Cup report

Well before I begin even telling you about the latest adventure I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported me before, and after, the 2010 Red Bull Rookies Trials. The support was truly overwhelming and I'm very sorry I didn't make it through to represent my country, but I am certainly not giving up on racing yet! Everyones encouragement and sponsorship is really, really appreciated notably my uncle Geoff,  Moto Academy NZ, Auckland Motorcycle Club the guys from Auckland Buckets, Lynda and Hamish Blair, Avalon and Warren Wagener and everybody else who supported me to get to the trials.


Steve Bagshaw of MotoAcademy NZ, Dad and I flew 2hours plus refuelling stops to Rome on the Wednesday following the 5th round of the Victoria Motorcycle Club Actrix Winter Series. We rented a car and made tracks to my uncle Bruce's house, just outside of Pisa where we stayed. I kept falling asleep in the car and every time I woke up we seemed to be parked on the side of the road checking the map! We made it eventually though and managed a look at some nice back roads while we were at it!

Steve Bagshaw and I outside the hotel close to Adria 


After spending a few days with the family in the Italian sunshine, we travelled north to Adria where the trials were being held the following day at Adria raceway. We arrived at the track to find it was a ride day. There were five 125's buzzing around piloted by tiny 13-year-old boys who were staying at the track in their motor homes. Welcome to Europe! Not surprisingly they were lightening fast and although it was a bit disheartening to see riders already on the track  it provided a better perspective of lines and markers which were suitable to use.  This ride day cost the riders 200 euros ($400 + NZD) each to enter. And we thought it was expensive in NZ!

Sign on the night before trials


After checking out our hotel we returned to the track at 4pm to sign on, get our hat, t-shirt and numbered bib and attend a very brief briefing. They simply welcomed everyone, told us to take it easy and that they were not necessarily looking for the best rider, but the ones most suited to the Rookies Cup. We also got to walk the track that evening, and guess who we spotted on the way, none other than Alex Barroshelping out the two applicants from Brazil, one of whom was his son.


The next day started early and we arrived at the track around 8:30 am. The parents were not supposed to enter the pit box where we geared up and could relax before riding, but most of them crowded the door or even came in anyway, while other rookies had Red Bull riders there in the box helping them. My  first  ride was at 9:40. There were six other riders in my group and we all headed out gingerly onto the cold track obeying instructions to take it easy. I arrived at a fairly open left  hand corner and tipped it in then.. Bang! Crash!! Woww.. didn't see that coming..

A lot of bikes broke down in the first sessions so chances are I received a bike with new tires that had only been used for one or two laps, and it obviously did not help that I hadn't ridden with treaded tires for two years. Fortunately I was uninjured and the marshal had a tool kit in his boot so he screwed the foot peg back on while chatting to me in Italian. Well hopefully it wasn't important because I had no idea what he was saying!! I finished the session slipping and sliding with a slow time but at least I got some laps in as two others in my group didn't even manage one, even though I knew the fall seriously hindered my chances of making the cut.  


At Riders Briefing the night before Trials

It also knocked my confidence, especially on a bike and track I had never experienced and the last thing I wanted to do was crash again. I improved my lap time by almost 20 seconds over the next two sessions and eventually began to enjoy myself on the bike.

They announced the successful applicants later that night. Unfortunately I didn't make it through, but we certainly weren't the only disappointed ones! Tears and distraught faces filled the room. There was one other female at the trials, Victoria, from Spain. She didn't speak any English but we managed to communicate a little and although she was extremely fast and talented, she was not selected either.


The next day we travelled by train to Venice with a South African applicant, Luca, and his family and a father and son, Peter and Felix, from Denmark. It was very interesting to hear about the racing in these countries. Motorcycle racing is not popular in Denmark and the Scandinavian racing season (which they compete in) is very short: only around 4 - 5 months. In South Africa they race pretty much all year around, but there are not enough 125GP bikes for their own races so they are included in a class very similar to F3.


Since the trials didn't go exactly fantastic and asides from spending time with my cousins, the highlight of the trip for me was meeting Jorge Lorenzo and Carlos Checa at the Milan airport as we were leaving! Jorge took the time to sign an autograph and I congratulated him for the victory in Portugal and wished him good luck in Australia. I guess its not every day you bump into the latest Grand Prix winner!! 


In a way I'm still gutted with how things turned out because I believe under different circumstances I could have gone much better, although I may still not have been what they were looking for. Luckily for now I've got the upcoming New Zealand 125cc championships to focus on! The insight we gained from the experience was immeasurable racing in Europe is very different and it was fantastic to meet many new people and learn about racing all over the world. I learned a lot from the experience!

Thanks to everyone again for the huge support and congratulations to the seven successful applicants.


6 October 2009

Another update:

All done for the day. Sadly Avalon slipped off in her very first corner which ruined confidence. Improved from 2:00min to 1:44 to 1:40.  Other girl doing 1:34.  Best lap of day around 1:30.  Find out decision later.

Avalon not selected. Feeling deflated   

5 October 2009

Short and sweet updates from Italy:

First day at the track. Met plenty of riders and parents. Alex Barros is here with his son. Avalons day tomorrow. Bikes look cool and Avalon fits fine. Ciao! 

23 September 2009


21 September 2009

Avalon Biddle, Keith Biddle and Steve Bagshaw to travel to Italy for Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2010 selection

Moto Academy NZ is excited to announce that the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup will launch its 4th year in early 2010. In order to select new riders for 2010 to join the riders that will remain with Rookies Cup, there will be a one day selection event to be held in Italy on October 6. Moto Academy NZ has previously announced that Avalon Biddle was chosen as the Moto Academy NZ Derek Hill Memorial scholarship rider to fill our reserved spot at the Rookies Cup selection. We are now able to advise that Avalon, Steve and Avalons Dad Keith will be travelling to Italy at the beginning of October to participate in the selection event. We have been able to realise this ambition with the gratious assistance of Global Motorsports Ltd and The Documentary Channel in particular. We are very upbeat about the opportunity that Avalon has of being selected for Rookies Cup 2010 and we very much look forward to bringing home some good news. But we are also realistic in that the selection is open to riders from all around the world, and Rookies Cup have indicated that a very small number of riders will be chosen for Rookies Cup 2010.


15 September 2009

Moto Academy NZ announce supporters for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup travel to Europe.

Moto Acaemy NZ is very pleased to announce that Global Motorsports Ltd and The Documentary Channel have come on board to assist us to take Avalon Biddle and Steve Bagshaw to the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2010 selection event in Italy on October 6. We are extremely grateful for this assistance and we certainly hope that we will be able to bring back good news upon our return.


12 September 2009

Moto Academy NZ announce new supporter for the 2009/2010 summer season  - Interislander

Moto Academy NZ and The Interislander are pleased to announce a sponsorship agreement covering travel across Cook Strait. Moto Academy NZ will travel to Christchurch in November to attend a King of Ruapuna event and again in January for the New Zealand Superbike championship. The Interislander brand manager Hanna Reuber was very impressed with the proposal submitted and was happy to agree to supporting Moto Academy NZ and hopefully Moto Academy International over the summer period.


1 May 2009

Moto Academy NZ announces 2009 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup candidate

Moto Academy NZ has an exclusive position in New Zealand where we have a reserved spot for a New Zealand athlete at the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup selection event. In 2008 we sent young Luke Jameson who performed very admirably. In 2009 we have invited Miss Avalon Biddle to represent Moto Academy NZ. She and her family have accepted and are very excited about the opportunity. Avalon is one of the fastest, most talented and most tenacious young racers in New Zealand today. She is also one of the nicest young people in the sport. Her determination and talent mixed with her willingness to learn and her humility and quick smile make her an ideal candidate. We are quietly confident that she will exceed all the expectations of the Rookies Cup coaches and selectors. Avalon has one further advantage over many NZ racers in this regard that her uncle lives in mid-northern Italy, so she has a base from which to live and race. Moto Academy NZ and the Biddle family are seeking support to allow us to get Avalon and Steve to Europe later in 2009.


7 March 2009

2008 Moto Academy NZ student Glen Skachill wins New Zealand Superbike Championship Formula 3 TT race and takes new lap record at Pukekohe Circuit

In a very tight battle with new Formula 3 champion Glen Williams, Glen Skachill took victory and the spoils in the Formula 3 TT race at Pukekohe. Glen Williams was suitably impressed with Skachills racing and indicated that while he was setting up a passing manouvre, it was probable that Skachill was going to win no matter what.

We all offer our further congratulations to Glen and wish him the best for the 2009 season.


15 February 2009

2008 Moto Academy NZ student Glen Skachill wins New Zealand Superbike Championship Formula 3 race and takes new lap record at Manfeild Autocourse

Following on from his highly successful season on the Moto Academy NZ Honda RS250 GP bike, Glen Skachill has been taken on-board by Mr Chris Osbourne to ride his innovative "Ozzy 450" motorcycle at Round 4 of the New Zealand Superbike Championships at Manfeild on 14/15 February 2009. The "Ozzy 450" is a modified Suzuki GSXR600 where one cylinder has been disabled.

In absolutely perfect racing conditions Glen was able to demonstrate his 250GP skills on board this bike and also to take the next steps in his racing career with the more advanced tuition available from Chris Osbourne. Glens skills took him to three very exciting races against the two leading Formula 3 riders in New Zealand (Glen Williams and Terry Fitzgerald) where the lead changed again and again and lap records fell with regularity. He scored two seconds and a win in the final race on Sunday 15th. Glen Williams results provisionally gave him the 2009 Formula 3 championship for the second consecutive year.

From our point of view, Glen demonstrated three important things: 1) The value in the Osbourne "Ozzy 450" concept as a lower cost alternative for Formula 3 racing on quality equipment and racing tyres, 2) The value of steping through the machine classes from Streetstock, 125GP, 250GP and on. Glen has spent a year in each class and has thus been able to learn appropriate skills in each class and in particular 125GP and 250GP, 3) The skill level and abilities of Glen himself as a rider, a racer and an ambassador for the sport.

Glens father Malcom, brother and girlfriend were all present to witness his achievements and his step onto the bigger stage.


09 February 2009

Student riders confirmed for 2009

Moto Academy NZ confirms four student riders for the 2009 season. Glen Orwin and Walter Gouws of Auckland, Will Baker of Wellington and Kyle Hammond of Lower Hutt, who joins us for a second year. One more spot remains available at Moto Academy NZ for 2009.


21 January 2009

Steve wins 250GP Grand Prix at NZSBK meeting at Ruapuna circuit.

Steve took the Moto Academy NZ Honda RS250 to three wins from 3 races at the NZ Grand Prix meeting, Round 3 of 2009 NZSBK.


06 January 2009

Moto Academy NZ purchases fifth Honda RS125 motorcycle.

We have just taken delivery of our 5th 125GP bike. It is a 2000 model bike with several go fast parts and a very well put together engine. This is an NZ championship race winning motorcycle and will make a great addition to our fleet.