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29 December 2008

Glen Skachill and Jason McCammik take victory in the Pro-Moto International Tri-Series 3 hour endurance race.

Glen and Jason, riding the Moto Academy NZ Suzuki GSX-R 600 took victory by 35 seconds from Honda New Zealand Superbike rider Hayden Fitzgerald and partner Honda NZ 600 Sport Production rider Jeremy Holmes with Jamie Rajek and former world Superbike champion Freddy Merkel in third. This race was held in mostly wet condition so the rainy racing during the year clearly paid dividends.

21 December 2008

Glen Skachill takes fourth position in the final superbike race of the Pro-Moto International Tri-Series. In the rain, beaten only by Andrew Stroud, Chris Shirrifs and Gareth Jones by only 10 seconds. These three riders were all riding their 2009 NZSBK Superbikes, while Glen was riding the Moto Academy NZ RS250.

05 December 2008

Luke Jameson represents Moto Academy NZ at Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup

Estoril Circuit – Portugal.

Steve Bagshaw, Director of Moto Academy NZ spoke recently with Luke Jameson about his trip to Portugal and the Red Bull Rookies Cup selection competition. Read what Luke had to say….

SB: So, you guys are home now from Portugal. It seems from the look on your face that you had a pretty good time. Firstly, what did you think about Estoril Circuit?

LJ: It was a real track!

SB: Well, that sums that up ay? Tell us about when you arrived and your first day there?

LJ: We got to the track at about 7:30 in the morning, we had to be there at 8 o’clock. So we where a bit early and we were the first to arrive. I must have been keener than the others!! We waited outside the circuit until about 8 when they let us into the carparks. We went in and Dad parked the rental car inside of the track, in the paddock parking. The paddock is in the middle of the track at Estoril, but not like Pukekohe, here there was a tunnel under the track!!. We went for a look around. Actually we had been the day before for a look-see, but were kicked out ‘cos we weren’t supposed to be there!  Well, we don’t speak Portugese!! We saw that everyone else by that time was looking at a time sheet near the big Red Bull transporter trucks.

SB: So they had divided all the riders into groups?  Your name was on the list?

LJ: Yes, I was glad to see my name up there! So, after, we had a good look at the times and found out what time I was to be riding, I signed in and got a bib with a number which was #16, which meant I was in group D. Not far from the #14 I ride with in Moto Academy!

SB: So how many groups were there?

LJ: There were groups A,B,C,D,E and F each with about 4 to 5 sometimes 6 in each group. There where 32 riders altogether from all around the world, it was so cool. I met some cool Aussie guys (yeah right …) and made friends with them.

SB: So then I guess you had some kind of briefing, what did they tell you?

LJ: Yep, we all listened to the briefing, where they where talking about the bike (Spanish Metrakit Pre-GP 125) and the track and what they are looking for. The main point they emphasised was “Don’t crash!!” 

SB: Track time next?

LJ: Yep. Firstly we jumped on to the bikes and they weighed us, with each rider on a bike. I was the heaviest guy there sadly, but it didn’t stop me going hard on it!! So soon after that the first group went out and about four of them went right ahead and crashed in the first or second lap!! They finished their track time and come in and we all went up to them and asked what was the track like; Is it warm, cold? Is it wet? Is it slippery? Stuff like that. Soon it was my turn to go out on the track. I had no experience of it except that I’ve played it on the PS2 and I had never been on the Metrakit before! The Metrakit is a quite small bike, so even I found myself sitting on the top of the seat fairing. So you can imagine I was very nervous. I tried to be clam and relaxed. They gave my group a quick extra brief and told us not to crash because they where getting pretty pissed off with it. LOL

Coming out of the pits I took off! In to the second turn (right hand 90 deg heading downhill about 20-30 metres or so. SB) I could feel the cold tyres letting go, the track was very cold and damp so I decided to take it easy and ran wide coming up to the third turn (right 180 deg at bottom of hill, heading back up hill. SB) was very different it was a very new corner for me, it was off camber and it was up hill, not a little hill ether…

But I gave it some gas and I went up it nicely, it was very much like the corner in the game if you play MotGP4. The fourth corner was flat (left 180 deg at top of hill) so I knew I was good at this one. I come into it in 3rd and went down a gear and gave it gas half way around. Ran it nicely wide on to the ripple strip and came out perfectly. Fifth turn wasn’t really a corner more like a bend in the track, (sort of like Pukekohe. It is right at the back of the paddock, you feel like you can almost touch the riders. SB) I just kept the gas hard on. Turn 6 was an awesome corner, (another wide 180 deg left very slightly uphill. SB) one of my favourites. I braked really late for it and gassed it before half way quickly rolling the gas on hard and came out prefect again.

Turn 7 I disliked the most (right at bottom of hill, 110 deg opening exit. SB). I just couldn’t get it right until day two. I would come in to the corner and I would drop in too early. I needed to drop in really late, late apex it (due to increasing radius. SB) and I needed to go in faster because I was going in too slow having to pick the bike up half way thought the corner and lose all my corner speed. Turns 8, 9 and 10 were the ‘S’ bends they where awesome corners, the best ‘Esses’ I’ve ever been on. Very close together and very tight. Turn 11 was just a bend in to turn 12 (Parabolica Ayrton Senna, long 180 deg right. SB), the longest corner ever. I felt like I was on there for aaaages. The straight was pretty boring because it was so long and the bike was revving out. (But it sounds awesome when the MotoGP bikes are roaring down there between the stands and the paddock buildings!! SB).

SB: So that was how your laps of the track went. The day dragged on?

LJ: Nah, the day ended way too quickly. But I had a great time!

SB: Normally for Rookies Cup selections some riders would not be invited back for day two. But I understand that everyone was invited back for day two this time.

LJ: Yeah, because the weather was not so great they thought that the conditions were a bit unfair, so they asked everyone to come back for Day 2.

SB: And how did your second day go?

LJ: Well, it was a bit colder than Day 1, but I was ready to go! I got my gear on and waited for my group to go out. I had decided that I was going to go harder because I knew a little bit of the track and a little bit of the bike so I wasn’t as nervous as yesterday, which made me feel better. (But his dad was …AJ) I was going to go as hard as I could without crashing the bike. But they changed the groups, and I ended up in Group A, the first one's out. I got ready and waited for them to open the waiting room, where I got a drink and sat down and went over the track in my head. Soon they called up my group and I said to myself “its now or never”. I got the number for the bike (out of the line of bikes) and I jumped on it and relaxed. They pushed the first three of my group out then me. I was off got out of the pits, just like Valentino Rossi (LOL). I could still feel my back tyre let go but I ignored it and kept going with out backing off. I really wanted to show them how good I really am. I  could feel myself getting faster and faster each time I went around but I still couldn’t get my head around Turn 1. I could take it in gear 2 or 3, so I was taking it in third and losing all my drive. But if I took it in second the engine would be over revving and I would have no more power. So I kept taking it in third and dropping it in too early.

SB: The rest of the track though, felt good after the first days practicing?

LJ: Every other corner felt prefect, but I knew I could make up more time on turn 1 and 6, 7 and 11. Get on the gas sooner and harder, drop it in later, keep more corner speed and brake sooner, but I’d need more than two days to do that.

SB: So I guess you had identified that you had work to do on a particular corner. You must have realised that it is the turn with the fastest entry, coming at the end of the long front straight. The only turn like that in NZ is at the end of the back straight at Timaru and you haven’t raced there yet. So what did you do about it?

LJ: At the end of that first session, I went over to the embankment at the first corner stood where I could see everything. I watched the next groups and how they came into the corner and listened to what gears they where taking it in. I could see, I mean, hear them taking it in second gear and dropping it in at the flag box, which was way later than me. The rest of the turns were too far away, so I didn't go around to turn 6, 7 and 11 so I just stayed at turn one until lunch. Oh the food there was just amazing! And it was free for the riders! It was great!

SB: You had some fun over lunch?

LJ: Yep, fuelled up on food and water we talked to the Aussies (and one of the aussie’s sisters...mmmm. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. LJ) some more about the track and their racing histories. I found that it was way different than what we do in NZ. Soon though, lunch was over and I got my gear back on and was ready for the last time on the bike and track. I got the bike number again, jumped on the bike and was off! Just like Casey Stoner LOL.  This time I was going hard. I came up on to turn 1 and tried what I had seen and it worked!

I was feeling so fast but on the fourth lap one of the Spanish guys passed me going in to the ‘S’ bends. I stayed on him, flicking the bike over and gave the bike so much gas that the back wheel was letting go. I kept the bike from falling over by using my knee, picking it back up and went hard in to the Turn 11. But he was slowly getting away so I pinned it coming in to the last corner and went right up behind him just about touching his back wheel!!  I was slowly passing him but he knew it and he started running wide!!  I backed off a bit then nailed it again and tried drafting him, but it didn't work that well because he was so much smaller and lighter than me. We went in to the first corner and he must have been 20 meters in front of me I went around Turn 1 and then Turn 2 but he was losing me. I tried harder going up to Turn 3, foot peg grinding around it coming up to Turn 4 I could see I wasn’t as far behind him. I, came in hard in to Turn 4 and was right behind him again. Then he gassed it at the same time as me and I lost him again. Power to weight contest, he won that! I came in with a big smile on my face and was feeling great! I had such a great time in that last race and I was tried too. I watched the rest of the racing and enjoyed myself.

SB: That was the end of it?

LJ: Not quite. Finally it was time to go back to the briefing room where we had signed in. I was buzzing from my last race and was telling the Aussie about it. Soon the Red Bull people came out and told everyone how well they had done and said “If you don’t make it, don’t stop racing” and other stuff like that, that I can’t remember. They read out the names of the guys that had been selected. One of the Aussies made it, two UK guys that I had been taking to, one South Africa and the rest where from Spain.

SB: So you found out right there that you didn’t make it?

LJ: Yeah. I didn't make it but I wasn’t that disappointed about it. They had said at the start of day one that they where going to chose 12 riders but for some reason they only chose eight, six racers and two reserve riders. We found out later that one of the racers had pulled out, so one of the reserves got in. The day ended too quickly and we said good bye to everyone and when out to tea with the Aussie and his family (and sister?? SB) it was a great thing to end the day!

SB: So all in all it was worthwhile and a good experience. 

LJ: For sure!!! We had an awesome holiday, it was loads of fun. We (Dad and I) went for a swim in the sea (Atlantic Ocean) it was sooooo cold! But there were big waves so it was good, but cold. We met lots of cool people from all over the place like Australia, Austria, Spain, South Africa, England, not that we could understand some of them. We could have come home a week early as I had, had enough of Dad and the food and I think Dad was the same, he had had enough of me and the food, LOL!!

SB: Well that sounds like any teenager/family trip I can remember!! Do you have anything finally to add?

LJ: Well I must say a big thank you to everyone for making this trip of a life time possible. Steve and Moto Academy NZ and Peter Clifford at Rookies Cup for arranging the spot at the selection event and for awarding me the Derek Hill Memorial Scholarship, Kari and Sue and the Vic Club and my Mum for doing so much fund raising, and all the people that donated time, products and money. It was so nice of you to do that for me. I really appreciate all you did!

9 November 2008

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup - Final Selection Event - Estoril - November 7th & 8th

The sun came out on Saturday in Estoril for a beautiful second day of the Final Selection Event for the 2009 Red Bull

MotoGP Rookies Cup. Riders came from around the world, from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and across

Europe from Sweden to the Czech Republic putting 32 young talents on the line at the Portuguese Grand Prix circuit.

Hiroshi Aoyama, the KTM 250 factory star and Grand Prix winner who finished second in Estoril in 2006, was on hand to

give the young riders the benefit of his experience. "It is very nice to see so many young riders here enjoying themselves. I have never seen anything like it. We certainly did not have it in Japan when I started riding. There is so much talent here and they are so young, they have so much possibility for improvement it is very difficult to pick the right riders to go forward to the Rookies Cup."

The riders come from very different backgrounds, some with a good amount of experience on 125 Grand Prix style

machinery, others had to learn new skills in a short time. One example is Arthur Sissis, the 13 year old Australian,

more accustomed to racing speedway who thrilled everyone with some sideways moves on the 125. "It's great to be here,

a fantastic experience. I'm having great fun on the track, it's great. I think the most difficult part is the tight twisty section,

that's a real test of skill."

For others the travelling itself was something new as it was for Syafiq Omar, the 16 year old Malaysian. "This is the

experience of a lifetime for me, to come to such a great track and get the international experience. It is all very new

to me and not easy of course but I am learning the bike and the track. It is a lot of fun and I am trying very hard to

get into the Rookies Cup, that would be fantastic."

On the other hand some of the youngest participants already have lot of racing under their belt including 12 year old

Briton Fraser Rogers. He has been racing since he was six but said that the Estoril Circuit was the best he has seen,

"I like Anglesea and Donington but this is more fun I think, wicked. It is also more technical and it's warmer here. I like

this track's tight twisty corners but it is also flowing."

"At home I race an RS125 Aprilia but the Metrakit is smaller, faster, nicer really, I like it. I really want to get into the

Rookies Cup, it's wicked, I want to race on the same tracks as the MotoGP guys and be in the same paddock. I've

learnt a bit of Spanish and French, enough to order food and say if the bike is good or not," said Rogers, obviously well

prepared for the life of an international superstar.

The two days of testing resulted in a list of 9 riders who will be invited to take part in the 2009 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies

Cup joining those from 2008 who have been invited to return.


Invited riders from Final Selection Event

Robin Barbosa (FRA)

Brad Binder (RSA)

Xavier Figueiras (ESP)

Taylor Mackenzie (GBR)

Alexander Kristiansson (SWE)

Manuel Pardo (ITA)

Alex Rins (ESP)

Fraser Rogers (GBR)

Arthur Sissis (AUS)


Provisional 2009 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Entry List

Robin Barbosa (FRA)

Brad Binder (RSA)

Deane Brown (GBR)

Kevin Calia (ITA)

Alessio Cappella (ITA/NGR)

Xavier Figueiras (ESP)

Hayden Gillim (USA)

Daijiro Hiura (JPN)

Taylor Mackenzie (GBR)

Nelson Major (FRA)

Florian Marino (FRA)

Dylan Mavin (AUS)

Leandro Mercado (ARG)*

Jakub Kornfeil (CZE)

Alexander Kristiansson (SWE)

Manuel Pardo (ITA)

Alex Rins (ESP)

Fraser Rogers (GBR)

Daniel Ruiz (ESP)

Mathew Scholtz (RSA)

Arthur Sissis (AUS)

Benny Solis (USA)

Harry Stafford (GBR)

Nico Thöni (AUT)

 * TBC

9 November 2008

Hi all......

First Luke and I would like to say how sad we are with the news from home about Grub, .. Kari, we are thinking of you, hugs.

Luke´s test days....
On Friday it was raining, the heavens had opened up and was washing the track for us... someone must have thought it was dirty....

Wet´s were put on for the frist group of 5 to go out, they decided to leave them on for the whole groups A-F, they were devided up into groups of 5-6, Luke was in Group D, he was with boys that could hardly speak English ...
but he managed to befriend them all...( and i their mothers... lol... I wish)

There were a lot of boys falling off in their first and second laps!... they didn´t ride to the conditons, yes I was worried for Luke, but he used his head and went out and sighted the track, got the feelof the bike and got some solid laps in... he was not the fastest.. but he was there at the end, that is what they were looking for!!! people that used their head !!

Second test:

This was the longer one, this is where Luke again used his head, as in the lunch break the coaches spat the dummy about not falling off in first couple of laps!!... then some did just that!!!

Luke went out on a dry track with TT900´s shod wheels, he was smiling.. he knew what these did....
he put some fast times in (fastest time of the day was 2:06:00) Luke´s times were around 2:11:00.... not bad for damp condtions... some of the faster rides again fell off!!!

He came in with a smile and we then had to wait for the word weather he was to come back the next day or not...

The organisers were VERY good, they understood that some riders had a awet track and some had dry.. so they invited the whole 32 riders back again.. EVERYONE was pleased with this.. especialy the ones that had fallen...(unfortunatly for them, they already had a black mark against their name...)

more later... with photo´s

7 November 2008

Luke and Portugal

Hi all

we have finaly found our feet.
We are here in Estoril, Portugal.

Thanks to all those who have made this trip possible for luke and I...

Tomorrow is the start of the testing....

Where Luke goes from here is in his hands now... he has managed to open the to step up and be counted,

he has checked and re-checked his gear and paperwork required for the test, we have the rental car all sorted.

we have even done a test run out to the track, to see how long it will take at 7.30am... lucky for us, all the traffic is coming INTO Estirol, where as we are heading out...

Luke is very calm, we have even been for a swim in the ocean!!!

we have managed to crash the reatal scooter... only a small scratch to the plastic... and my pride

so apart from seeing some (read LOTS) of stunning women... there is only been R&R being going on... beach walking, ....
resting up in motel...

more to report in 2 days....



1 November 2008

We have come to learn that Sam Flynn (bike #12) has suffered a family berevement in unfortunate circumstances.  We wish Sam all the best and hope that Navy training is what he hoped it would be.


28 October 2008

Luke Jameson and his Dad AJ head off for Portugal to begin their quest to qualify for Red Bull MotoGP Rokkies Cup 2009. 

Many many people have helped by contributing time, energy and money through fundraising and donations. Moto Academy NZ thanks all these people and wishes Luke well in his great adventure.


18 October 2008

Moto Academy NZ is awarded Best Presented Team award at Victoria Motorcycle Club annual awards dinner.

Much effort has gone into keeping the bikes, the riders and the garage space as professionally presented as was possible within our resource constraints.

Thanks to the Vic Club for recognising the effort.

18 October 2008

The Actric Victoria Motorcycle Club championships for another year are over. The four Moto Academy NZ riders have all performed admirably.

Save for Luke and Kyles DNFs they would have likely finished in 2nd and 3rd positions and Glen likely into the top 15 or higher:

Our final finishing positions were:


Luke Jameson 4th

Kyle Hammond 5th

Sam Flynn 6th



Glen Skachill 24th


Glen Skachill 25th


8 September 2008

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2009 selection underway

Four days of glorious Italian sunshine allowed a group of the World´s best young riders to demonstrate their abilities at the initial Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2009 selection events.


A pair of two-day Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2009 selection events held back-to-back at the Adria Raceway, Italy, from 1st-4th September, revealed a superb level of talent from riders from as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa.

`It is just incredible to see how much some of the guys improved even just over a two day test,´ said Gustl Auinger, Rider Coach for the MotoGP Rookies Cup and one of the selection panel. `It has been a great four days, we´ve had a lot of fun and seen a lot of talent. It´s such a shame we can´t take them all into the Cup but as I tell all the riders there are many ways to enjoy our sport, the Rookies Cup is just one of them.´

At the end of the four days the selection panel drew up a list of 28 riders (from the 100 participating) who are invited to the final selection event to be held at Estoril, Portugal from 7th-8th November. There was a great variety of experience represented and while it might have seemed to favour those who have ridden machines similar to the Metrakit 125s used for the selection, or those familiar with the circuit, in fact it was the way that those without such experience adapted which most drew the attention of the selection panel.

One of those was 15 year-old Thomas Vavrous from the Czech Republic, who commented, `This is a much smaller bike than the RS125 Aprilia I normally ride and it took a bit of getting used to. At first I thought I was in real trouble when I fell off at the beginning of the first session but then I started to settle down and enjoy it. I´ve had a lot of fun.´

For some the whole experience was just fantastic. `It´s just a great trip,´ said 15 year-old Nick Cain from New Zealand. `I can´t believe the way it is all organised, the bikes, the track, everything. I´m having a blast here. It is a long way to come and quite different to what I am used to but a great experience.´

While some found the bikes smaller than those they are used to, others, like 12 year-old Scott Deroue from the Netherlands, found it quite a big step up. `It´s my first time on a 125, I have just been riding pocket bikes. It´s been a big new experience for me, a lot of fun though.´



7 September 2009

On a personal note

A good friend of Steve Bagshaw, is Simone Grotskjy. He was Italian 125GP Champion 2005 and competed in MotoGP125 for 2006/07.  He has now been asked by Gilera to ride the Gilera RSW250 vacated by Manuel Poggiali in the Campetella Racing Team, for the remainder of the MotoGP season. In his first ride on the 250 Simone scored a valuable world championship point in 15th place at his home race of Misano (Simo is from Pesaro, only  few minutes from Misano). He heads to Indiannapolis Motor Speedway this week to prepare for the historic Indy GP.  Buon fortuna a Simone.

Misano Adriatico (Italia), venerdì 29 agosto 2008

Sotto un sole cocente si è aperto oggi l’attesissimo Gran Premio Cinzano di San Marino & della Riviera di Rimini, secondo appuntamento italiano del Mondiale, che ha visto il gilerista Marco Simoncelli aggiudicarsi la pole provvisoria con 1'38.400.
In entrambe le sessioni odierne Lai e i suoi meccanici hanno lavorato sul problema con l’anteriore che era sorto a Brno. Ci sono stati dei passi avanti e il pilota va recuperando il feeling necessario per poter essere più veloce, anche se ora sarà necessario lavorare sul passo in vista della gara.
Dopo l’addio di Manuel Poggiali alla carriera motociclistica, il team Campetella Racing schiera Simone Grotzkyj Giorgi come sostituto, già pilota della squadra nel 2006 su Aprilia 125cc. Simone è salito oggi per la prima volta su una 250cc ed è rimasto soddisfatto dal feeling che non ha faticato a trovare. Domani cercherà di girare il più possibile per prendere confidenza con la moto e sfruttare al massimo questa opportunità.

Fabrizio Lai, 32# - 14° in 1'40.176: “Stiamo lavorando sui problemi che ci avevano rallentato nel GP di Brno. Il feeling con l’anteriore sta effettivamente migliorando, ma nelle curve lente del tracciato ho ancora alcune difficoltà. Dobbiamo concentrarci sul passo gara, così da essere più competitivi domenica“.

Simone Grotzkyj Giorgi, 35# - 23° in 1'43.386: “Questa è stata una giornata positiva. Già sapevo che questo era un Campionato molto competitivo, ma credevo che il primo impatto con la moto sarebbe stato più complesso. Invece mi sono trovato subito bene sulla Gilera ed ora spero di poter migliorare ulteriormente. La squadra ha lavorato bene e domani proveremo alcune modifiche che potrebbero aiutarmi. Vorrei ringraziare il team, il gruppo Piaggio e il sig. Cuzari per avermi dato l’opportunità di tornare nel circus del Mondiale“.

Misano Adriatico (Italy), Friday 29th August 2008

The San Marino & Riviera di Rimini Grand Prix, second Italian race of the calendar, began with a hot and sunny day at the Misano circuit where local rider Marco Simoncelli set the provisional pole with 1'38.400.
Lai and his mechanics worked throughout both sessions on the problem with the front tyre that started in Brno. Some steps ahead were taken and the rider is regaining a good feeling even if now it is important to focus on the race rhythm.
After Manuel Poggiali’s departure the team lined up Simone Grotzkyj Giorgi, a rider who in 2006 was riding one of Campetella Racing’s 125cc bikes. Simone had his first ever chance to get on a 250cc bike and he said to be satisfied with the feeling he did not struggle to find. Tomorrow he will do as many laps as possible so to get more experience and to take full advantage of this chance.

Fabrizio Lai, 32# - 14th with 1'40.176: “We’re working on the problems we faced in Brno. The feeling with the front is actually improving, but in the slower turns I still have some difficulties. We have to focus on the pace, too, to be more competitive on Sunday“.

Simone Grotzkyj Giorgi, 35# - 23rd with 1'43.386: “This was a positive day. I did know this was a competitive Championship, but I was expecting a more complicated first impact. I had a good feeling indeed on the Gilera and now I hope to improve further. The team worked well and tomorrow we’ll try some changes that could help me a little. I’d like to thank the team, Piaggio group and Mr Cuzari for giving me the opportunity to come back to the MotoGP scene”.


19 August 2008

Watch the latest TV advert for Red Bull AMA US Rookies Cup.


12 August 2008

Confirmation of position 


                                                                                         August, 8th 2008
Dear Steve,
Thank you for all the latest information with regard to the great progress that you
have made with the Moto Academy New Zealand this year.
I know very well that it is not easy to get such a project off the ground.
It is a compliment to us that you have taken so much interest in the way that we do
things in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and the Red Bull AMA U.S. Rookies Cup
and looking at your website it may well be that we can learn from the way that you
are doing things in New Zealand. I look forward to meeting with you at the end of
this year when I am in NZ and discussing how we may be able to co-operate in the
I am happy to confirm that we do accept your proposed rider Luke Jameson direct to
our Final Selection Event in Estoril Portugal on November 7th and 8th.
Best regards,
Peter Clifford
Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Team
Am Brunnen 1
Fuschl am See A-5330


6 August 2008

Moto Academy NZ goes to Portugal!!

Moto Academy NZ can now report that we are officially invited to the final selection event for Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2009! Our Moto Academy NZ Derek Hill Memorial scholarship rider Luke Jameson, his dad Andy and Dr Steve Bagshaw will travel to Estoril in Portugal in early November to attempt to secure a spot for Luke in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2009.

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup has gone from strength to strength over the past two years and has quickly become almost the defacto route to MotoGP. Normally riders must compete at three selection events in Europe. However, due to the Moto Academy NZ structure we have been provided with this fantastic opportunity to leap-frog the system. Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and Red Bull AMA USA Rookies Cup are open to all applicants aged 13-16 in the year of the selection.

Please wish Luke and Moto Academy NZ all the best for this exciting opportunity.  Cornerstone sponsors welcome here!! 


1 August 2008

Interview with Dr Steve Bagshaw on On the Gas TV and internet motorsports show focusing on motorcycle roadracing.

See it at or


18 July 2008

Moto Academy NZ rider takes his and our first victory at Actrix/VMCC Superbike Championships in the rain at Manfeild Park.

15 year old Luke Jameson won race 1 of the MotoGP125 class in the pouring rain after a race long battle with Jayden Hassan (Yamaha TZ125). Interestingly, Lukes fastest time was faster than that of Jaydens fastest time. While Jayden was able to put together more consistently faster laps, this victory demonstrates the work and dedication that Luke is applying to developing his racing skills and gives us confidence in the value of Moto Academy NZ. 


14 July 2008

News item published in Bike Rider Magazine describing the development and goals of Moto Academy NZ. 


1 July 2008

Moto Academy NZ acquires 5th Honda RS125.


10 June 2008 

One bike still available. As of 10 June Moto Academy NZ still has one Honda RS125 motorcycle available to a fee paying rider. Please contact us to express your interest in joining Moto Academy NZ.