News 2013


November 21 2013

Hafiq Azmi signs for Moto 3 world championship with Avant Tecno KTM Ajo team

Former Moto Academy NZ rider and 2012 NZ 125GP Grand Prix champion and NZ#3 has been confirmed in the Ajo KTM team for the 2014 Moto 3 world championship. It would appear that he has effectively replaced his mate Fahmi Kairhuddin in the team, but Fahmi has moved to the Ogetta Honda team, hopeful that the 2014 Honda Moto3 bike will be competitive against the all conquering KTMs.

Hafiq had a good handful of wildcard rides at the end on the 2013 season, the latter rides on a barely competitive Honda. He qualified for all the races and finished all of them, bar one, on the lead lap. A fantastic achievement first time out in the world championship feilds.

Moto Academy NZ wishes Hafiq all the best for the off-season (you wanna come race here to keep your hand in???) and for the 2014 season.  Remember us small people......



November 2 2013

Marc-Antoine Jacquet to race with Moto Academy NZ and Innovative Moto Developments in the 2014 NZSBK 125GP/250 GPMono championship

While contracts are not yet signed, we can confirm that Marc-Antoine Jacquet will be riding with us over the 2014 summer on the IMD250 prototype GPMono machine. We plan to have a competitive and reliable motorcycle for him to race and we hope that we will all enjoy the experience.



A new season, a new rider, an old (well, returning) rider

Pacific Club final round and 2013 Bridgestone Victoria Motorcycle Club champs

Well, here we go again! We are still at it and about to launch another exciting season of bike racing. This year we will be making a slight change in that we will be running the IMD250 alongside the Honda RS125. We hope to have a second IMD250 completed before too long so that both riders will be able to ride these new and exciting bikes.

Marc-Antoine Jacquet from Auckland is joining us from this coming weekend onwards. He will start the season on the RS125 and move onto the IMD250 for the start of the VMCC championships. Marc-Antoine is French, now living in NZ and is an engineering student at University of Auckland. He has spent one season racing in the Hyosung Cup at AMCC events, where he finished a very creditable 11th place, in large and competitive feilds. Marc-Antoine will also be riding his Hyosung GTR250 inorder to maximise his tracktime and learning experiences.

Fresh from a wonderful 3rd place in NZSBK 125GP championship, Aaron Hassan is returning to spend the winter with us inorder to keep upskilling and to maintain his already considerable talents before he emabarks on the next stages of what we are sure will be a most fulfilling career in bike racing. Aaron will race on the Honda RS125 until we have the second IMD250 completed and then we will decided if he should move onto that bike or not.

Good luck to both riders and all the riders this winter. The VMCC 125GP class looks like it could be quite exciting this year with Aaron, Marc-Antoine, young Rogan Chandler and Tyler Lincoln among others, all looking to do battle.


May 2013

Hafiq Azmi signed with Ajo KTM Motorsports to contest CEV Repsol (Spanish Championship) Moto3 class.

We wish Hafiq all the best for the season.



March 24 NZSBK Round 5, Taupo Motorsports Park

Debut of the IMD250 and Aaron Hassan takes 3rd in NZSBK 125GP championship

Wellington's Glen Skachill gave the IMD250 an excellent racing debut with a 7th and 8th place in two of the three races. Unfortunately a small technical glitch prevented us from starting in the last race, but we have proved that the bike works and works well. We were running 1m41s pace, which was the lead-pack pace in 2012. It just so happened that the lead-pack pace in 2013 was somewhat faster! Nevertheless, GPS data showed that there was between 1-3 seconds a lap to be gained in the rider, racing lines, gearing and bike optimisation. This would have put us right in the mix.

Not only that, but 2012 Moto Academy NZ rider Aaron Hassan came in an awesome 3rd place in the New Zealand 125GP championship aboard the RaceSupplies RS125. That created an excellent 2,3 for the RaceSupplies team.  Well done all round!!