Moto TT Trackday January 14/15

I arrived at Manfeild on Friday Jan 14 to complete setting up of the Moto Academy NZ bikes after their pre-season rebuilds and repaints. Hafiq, his Dad Dato and Peter Clifford arrived at the track that afternoon for our first meet and greet, to set the bike controls for Amirul and foe us to discuss various aspects of our programme. 

Peter, Hafiq and Dato were pleased with the standard of presentation of the bikes and happy with how we presented the learning materials and Hafiq went home that evening with plenty to read and think about.

Amirul Hafiq Azmi

The next day we lined up for our first day on the track with the MotoTT crew.We must thank them for their support and for the slick and professional manner in which they run their trackdays. This would be the first time we would see Hafiq on track, so initially he followed behind Steve who was riding the RS250 Post-Classic racer. Hafiq was riding the '96 RS125 which we will be using as our emergency spare this summer. 

It became clear almost immediately that Hafiq is a very smooth, aware and fast young rider. After the first couple of sessions it also became clear that there was no chance that an old rider on an old bike was going to keep up with him. So while I continued to lead and follow, I was certainly holding him up and let him go on him own at the ends of later sessions.

In traffic it was clear that Hafiq thought very clearly about finding his way through and was able to put the bike in different places on the track in order to get through the slower traffic. It was also quite clear that he took only a handful of laps to learn the best way around the track. His Dad commented that he thinks that this is one of Hafiqs strengths. If this is so, it will be a major asset to him in the future. Many people commented during the day that he was very smooth, confident and competent.

We managed to take a few lap times at the end of the day which showed that even though he was not really pushing, he was capable of running in the 1:17sec range, with the Manfeild 125GP lap record being 1:13.6s.

We are now looking forward to the NZSBK and will be heading off to Timaru next week.