Ben Taylor and Daniel Mettam complete Levels 1 and 2 at California Superbike School

On March 11 and 12 2010 Moto Academy NZ launched our 2010 season at the California Superbike School New Zealand Levels 1 and 2 classes at the new Hampton Downs circuit.  A perfect way to start out two new and young riders on the path to motorcycle racing careers, the California Superbike School teaches riders the science and art of fast and effective cornering on motorcycles. Ben and Daniel were excited to begin the year with such a positive and challenging undertaking, but we were all confident that the outcome would be rewarding.

Daniel #8, Ben #9 at California Superbike School

Starting up at 7 am was challenging enough, but we managed to all meet at the circuit in the cool dawn to begin sign-on and bike scruitineering procedures. The bikes were readied and the boys attended their orientation class. The two days then proceeded through various rounds of classroom instruction on the numerous aspects of the Superbike School followed by track sessions to practice and reinforce the lessons.

The initial lessons were run at slow speeds on the bikes and this is difficult on RS125s so Ben ended up having a few bike issues later on during the first day, which was a real shame. But day two he was able to keep the engine revving a bit more and had no further bike issues.

Ben Taylor

Later on on the second day the boys were able to put together more of the lessons and pick up their pace and it was really gratifying to see their improvement in racing lines, smoothness and speed around the circuit. 

Daniel Mettam

Overall, the two days were a fantastic success, the boys learned plenty, were able to put the lessons into practice and became much more comfortable and confident on the racebikes. We plan to meet at Manfeild in mid April to put the lessons into action on a new circuit.